Ponsin On Conjuring
Sharpe, S.H.
Jeff Busby Magic, Inc. (1987)
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USA  eng
Sharpe, S.H.: Ponsin on Conjuring
©1987 2nd Ed. Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.
Softcover, comb-bound, 177 pages

Comments: "S.H. Sharpe's translation of the classic French magic textbook by Jean-Nicholas Ponsin"

Contents: go-n-go-n-gone

7 Translator's Preface
11 Title Page To New White Magic Unveiled
12 Foreword
24 Introduction
29 General Principles

35 Card Effects
35 The Changing Card
42 Another Use For The Card And Bird Box
43 The Blind Man's Game Of Piquet
47 A Card Having Been Thought Of, To Place Any Three Others On The Table, And Make One Of Them Change Into The Card Thought Of
53 The Circle Of Cards And The Pointer .

55 Coin Effects
55 To Pass A Person's Finger Through A Five-Franc Piece
58 The Subtraction Of Coins From A Person's Hands
63 The Tight-Rope Walk Of A Coin On The Edge Of A Sword
69 The Flying Coins

73 Cups & Balls
73 Remarks On The Principles Described By Ozanam
79 The Cups And Balls A La Conus Senior

83 Impromptus
83 The Marvellous Appearance Of Three Marks In The Hand
88 To Make Articles Thrown On The Table Come Towards Oneself
90 To Make Liquid Come From The Point Of A Knife
92 Writing With Snuff

93 Miscellaneous Effects
93 A Pleasing Little Trick Interspersed With The Politest Flattery
96 The Jumping Plume
99 The Little Box In The Handkerchief
107 A Good Trick With Watches
112 A Card Printed On A Handkerchief By A Pistol Shot
113 The Fish-Bowls
119 Travels Of A Handkerchief To Different Places
124 The Tantaliser
126 Metamorphoses
132 The Plume Trick
135 The Dead And Revived Bird
138 The Living Bird Which Comes From An Egg
141 A Trick With A Big Die
141 The Second Way Of Doing The Trick With A Big Die
147 The Third Way Of Doing The Trick With A Big Die
150 An Incredible Trick — The Kind Bullet — Firing For Fun
157 The Magical Transformation And Transposition Of Several Objects
161 Another Way Of Doing The Preceding Trick
164 Shooting The Pins
166 The Magic Lemon Tree
169 The Triumphal Column
172 The Bellows Table
173 Vanishing A Lady
175 The Suspension


S.H. Sharpe's
Translation of the Classic
French Magic Textbook
Jean-Nicholas Ponsin
Softcover book. This book was Copyrighted in 1987 by Jeff Busby. It is a Second Edition, limited to 500 Copies Only. Published in September, 1987 by Jeff Busby Magic, Inc.

This book is in very good condition. There is very minor discoloration/dirt on the covers. The interior is clean with no writing or marks.

There are 177 Pages.

This translation will be a great addition to your collection.

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Edition Limited to 500 copies only
No. of Pages 177
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Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor