25 Amazing Magic Tricks - and Tips with Linking Rings
Hampton Ridge Magic Creations Inc.
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The Linking Rings is one of the best-known and most popular magic tricks of all time. On this DVD, expert slelight of hand artist Troy Hooser will teach you how to perform this classic trick, and many of its startling variations.

With DVD technology, these tricks are extremely easy to learn. By freezing frames adn jumping to specific performances and explanations, mastering these magic tricks becomes simple and straightforward.

Armed with a set of Royal Magic Linking Rings and this DVD, you'll learn:

-Several deceptive methods used to link solid rings
-How to create designs and shapes with linked rings
-Devious methods to visibly unlink rings
-Complete Linking Ring routines
-And much, much more!

Push coins through a tabletop!
Vanish a coin from a spectator's clenched fist!
Cause two coins to fade away into thin air!
Pass a coin through your body!
Cause a coin to appear in the closed hand of a spectator!

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