The New York Magic Symposium - Collection Two
Stephen Minch
Symposium Productions (1983)
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The New York Magic Symposium - Collection Two
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There are 6 volumes in the NY Magic Symposisum collection. The books include material submitted by participants in the symposium, held in the 1980's. Although most of the material is close up magic, there are a few stage and parlor type items. While there are contributions from some of the best in magic, the contributions in most cases don't represent the cream of the crop. In my view, the later volumes seem to have higher quality material than the earlier volumes, but admitedly, I have not gone through each effect in detail. Each volume has some good material, though, and represents an interesting look at magic in the 80's. The last volume was to be Collection #6, but instead was published as Spectacle, by Stephen Minch.

The New York Magic Symposium - Collection Two - Mint

Close-up and stage magic from the best in magic. Look what's in this amazing book.