Introduction To Coin Magic
Shigeo Futagawa
Borden Publishing Company (1978)
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Hardcover 0-91526-23-7
USA  eng
Futagawa, Shigeo: Introduction to Coin Magic
©1978 Shigeo Futagawa, Borden Publising Company
Drawings by Shigeo Futagawa, Artwork by Robert A. Wagner, English Edition produced by Arnold Furst
Paper, perfect bound, 199 pages
ISBN: 091526237

Comments: Very good introductory book on coin magic. Provides exercises for learning each sleight in detail. Also, the effects provided are better than most found in other "beginner" books. Highly recommended.


5 Dedication to Shigeo Takagi

9 Forward: Intro to coin magic by Shigeo Futagawa

11 Chapter 1:
11 The Close Up Mat: choosing the right size, color

13 Chapter 2: Tricks Without Sleights
13 Handkerchief and Coin: Handkerchief over hand, coin held through handkerchief, handkerchief removed
16 Coin Through Bottom of Glass: uses just one coin and a glass tumbler
18 Ring & Coin Freed From Handkerchief: Coin placed under handkerchief and the corners of the cloth are threaded through a ring, yet the coin is released

23 Chapter 3:
23 The Finger Palm: 5 exercices for practicing
29 Coin into Into Pants Pocket: with a variation
32 Vanishiing Coin: coin vanishes at the elbow
36 Two Excellent Books: recommends Hugard's Coin Magic and Bobo's Modern Coin Magic

37 Chapter 4:
37 The Coin Vanish: Finger clip false transfer with 4 exercises for practicing
43 Coins Across: one coin joins another at the slow count of 10 (at the table; good)
48 Coin and Fountain Pen Routine: a coin and a pen (used as a wand) vanish and reappear

55 Chapter 5:
55 The Tunnel Vanish: described
59 Dollar Changed into Four Quarters: Dollar folded is opened to reveal 4 quarters
63 Coins Across (Version No. 2): an in the hands version

67 Chapter 6
67 The Thumb Palm: 4 Exercises
75 Trick Coins for the Magician: ordering a catalog (likely out of date!)
76 Coin Vanish: Clever use of the shirt of jacket pocket
80 Coin Passes Through Handkerchief: Coin dropped into a glass and covered with a handkerchief penetrates the handkerchief. This is a clever variation of the version where the coin penetrates through the bottom of the glass.
86 Han Ping Chien short Biography

87 Chapter 7
87 Han Ping Chien Coin Move: coin secretly passes from one hand to the other. 2 exercises
96 Several Coins Pass From One Hand to Another: Six silver and one copper. Three silver end up joining the other three and the copper in the right hand. No extra coins used.
102 Coins Passing From Hand to Hand: Six silver and one copper (again). Three silver pass through the table to join the other coins
110 Dai Vernon Biography

111 Chapter 8
111 The Classic Palm: 4 exercises
122 The Click Pass: two coins are picked up with one hand with a "click" as the 2 coins join, yet each hand ends up with one coin
126 Coins Across (Version No. 3): Magician crosses his arms and each hand takes a coin, yet they both end up in one hand
132 John Scarne Biography

133 Chapter 9
133 The Coin Change: exchanging one con for another. 2 exercises
137 John Scarne's Copper to Silver: Spectator holds copper, magician holds silver. When hands are opened, the coins have changed places. Uses 2 silver, one copper.
142 T. Nelson Downs Biography

143 Chapter 10
143 The T. Nelson Downs Palm: A thumb palm with 4 exercises
149 Handkerchief and Coin (Version No. 2): coin vanishes and reappears in a handkerchief
156 Production of Four Coins from the Air: a simplified Miser's Dream with four coins
160 Slydini Biography

161 Chapter 11
161 The French Drop: 2 exercises
165 Silver & Copper: Silver and Copper are wrapped in a handkerchief, the selected coin (via magician's choice) penetrates through
170 Tenkai Biography

171 Chapter 12
171 Coin And Playing Card: How to Hide Coin Behind Playing Card
174 Coins Produced From Playing Cards: two coins produced from between 2 cards, one at a time
181 Coins Passing Through Handkerchief: Four coins pass through handkerchief while seated
194 Gerald Kosky: short biography
195 Ross Bertram: short biography
196 Ormond McGill: short biography
197 Jerry Andrus: short biography
198 Peter Biro: short biography
199 Daniel Cros: short biography
200 Advertisement for The Magic of Tenkai

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TShigeo Futagawa is without a doubt one of the top coin workers living today. A humble man who would have all the right in the world to be not quite so humble. Introduction to Coin Magic is a wonderful book. It is not just for the beginning coin student but for anybody who would like to brush up on some basic moves and learn several new outstanding routines.

Another interesting feature of this book is the several short bios of famous magicians inserted throughout the book. You will find people like Slydini, Han Ping Chien, Ross Bertram, John Scarne, Dai Vernon, Tenkai, ...

This book contains most careful and detailed instructions for the basic moves and techniques of coin magic. In addition, several effects are included for each of the basic sleights as well as exercises designed to help the beginner gain ability and self confidence. Ten basic sleights and twenty two tricks, some published for the first time, are described in 199 pages of text with 505 drawings by one of Japan's finest young magicians.

Book in Like-New Condition, D/J shows normal scuffing and 1 small tear.