This Is Magic - Secrets of the Conjurer's Craft
Will Dexter
Bell Publishing Company  (1968)
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Magic tricks
Hardcover 0-517-12792X
Dexter, Will: This Is Magic
©1968 Bell Publications, USA
Hardcover, 204 pages

Comments: This good by by Will Dexter covers many of the classics of magic, including levitations, cups and balls, and Houdini. It is not a book of tricks, but a book about tricks. Some general revelation is provided, but it is certainly not an exposure book. Interesting reading!


1 Chapter One - The Secret from the Tomb: Dedi, the Pharaoh's magician
5 Chapter Two - The Cups and Balls: history, a bit of how to, the 3 shell game, and other one in three mysteries
11 Chapter Three - Oracles and Robots: a look at "automation" illusions
33 Chapter Four - It's All Done With Mirrors: Pepper's Ghost and other stage illusions
53 Chapter Five - The Lady Vanishes: Stage vanishes
71 Chapter Six - The Trick That Never Was: On the Indian Rope Trick
89 Chapter Seven - Up in the Middle of the Air: Levitations
101 Chapter Eight - Sawing a Woman in Half
111 Chapter Nine - The Legend of Houdini
131 Chapter Ten - Marked Cards
142 Chapter Eleven - The Four Aces of Card Magic: Hofzinser, Charlier, Hull, and Hugard
161 Chapter Twelve - Think of a Number: Mathematical magic
176 Chapter Thirteen - The Sealed Mystery: mental prodigies who can calculate in their heads
187 Chapter Fourteen - Is It Second Sight?: On mentalism

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