The Magic Art
Holmes, Donald
D. H. Alsdorf (1920)
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Magic tricks
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Holmes, Donald: The Magic Art
©1920 D.H. Alsdorf
Hardcover, 234 pages

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Comments (CoronaSmith): "Being Volume I of The Magic Art Series"


7 Preface
9 Introduction

19 Chapter 1
19 The Fairyland Of Magic

32 Chapter 2
32 Some Accessories And Artifices Of General Utility
32 Holmes' Tumbler Manipulation
36 - The Watch, Handkerchief And Confetti
43 - The Egg And Handkerchief
47 - The Flying Glass, Watch And Flag
51 - How Many Goldfish?
54 Holmes' Tumbler Manipulation On A Chair
57 A Novel Exchange
60 Holmes' Trick Glass Outfit
61 - The Bottomless Mirror Glass
62 - The Bottomless Demon Glass
63 - The Bottomless Confetti Glass
64 - The Mystic Handkerchief And Tumbler Of Confetti
70 Holmes' Crystal Jar Outfit
71 - The Crystal Mirror Jar
73 - The Crystal Confetti Jar
74 - Confetti To Water And Goldfish
76 - A Chinese Paradox

80 Chapter 3
80 Tricks - Original And Otherwise
80 A Series Of Card Tricks
88 The Torn Card Trick
89 - The Barrington Method
93 - The Card In The Loaf
96 - The Card, Orange And Candle
100 A Hypnotic Experiment
104 The Cards, Coins And Glass
107 Knarf's Coin And Ball Of Wool
109 The Coin And Orange Trick
113 A Dye Tube "Wrinkle"
114 Knarf's "The Flag Between"
115 The Handkerchief Sword
118 Improved Candle And Handkerchief Trick
120 Holmes' Color Changing Egg
123 Christopher's Egg And Bag Trick
130 The Paper Balls And Plates
132 The Chinese Marble Trick
134 The New Spirit Handkerchief
138 Gloves To Dove
140 The Dove And Hat Trick
141 The Contrary Fluids
143 The David Bell Funnel
145 The Watch And Pill Boxes
148 The Mysterious Dove Pans
151 The Tale Of A Rat
157 The Tea Chests Of Wang Foo

171 Chapter 4
171 Working Up An Act
172 Fun, Deviltry And Magic
203 A Suit-Case Act
217 "The Magical Man"

The Magic Art
Being Volume I of the Magic Art Series

By Donald Holmes
Author of Some Modern Conjuring ~ New Card Tricks ~ A Mind Reading Act, etc
Published by the author ~ 1920 Firt Edition

Illustrated with photographs and line drawings ~ 234pp ~ Out of Print
5.50" x 8.00" x 0.50" Crown 8vo

Hardbound in green cloth with gold foil stamped title to front cover and spine
Near Fine condition throughout
Donald Holmes was a magician, author, apparatus builder and eminent Kansas City magic dealer
This book was not so much intended for collectors of magic literature as for the great host of aspiring amateurs, who, seeking enlightment in the world of conjuring, must turn to its literature for practical instruction

The Magic Art into four chapters:

Chapter 1 ~ The Fairyland of Magic
Chapter 2 ~ Some Accessories and Artifices of General Utility
Chapter 3 ~ Tricks - Original and Otherwise
Chapter 4 ~ Working Up an Act

Illustrated with photographs of vintage apparatus and line drawings
Being offered is example of this venerable work in highly collectible condition!
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LoC Classification GV1547.A44
Extras Author autograph
No. of Pages 234
First Edition Yes
Rare Yes
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Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf L
Condition Good
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Stated as volume one of a proposed series of books on Magic, however this was the only volume printed. A selection of Magic tricks with cards, coins, handkerchiefs, etc. With a chapter on The History And Psychology Of Natural Magic by Henry Ridgely Evans. Illustrated with photographs and some line drawings.


Holmes, Donald
Born Donald H. Alsdorf, in Albion, Michigan. He became a magic dealer and manufacturer,and in 1906, he began selling magic props made from metal and glass from his Churchville, New York store. Then he operated "The House of Originality", 3600 Woodland Avenue, Kansas City, MO. He ended his years in Rochester, NY.

Invented: Holmes' Tumbler Manipulation, Holmes' Trick Glass Outfit, Holmes' Crystal Jar Outfit, A Hypnotic Experiment, Holmes' Color Changing Egg, Gloves to Dove, Holmes Flowers from Paper Cone, The Contrary Fluids, The Tea Chests of Wang Foo, New Handkerchief Stand, Holmes' Cards in the Hat, Holmes' Rising Cards, Holmes' Jap Box Production, The Holmes Spindle

Wrote: Some Modern Conjuring (1909), A Mind Reading Act (1913), The Magic Art (1920)