Impromptu Card Magic - The World's Best Collection Of Easy-To-Do
Colombini, Aldo
Mamma Mia Magic Company (2003)
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Card Tricks - Magic
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Colombini, Aldo: The World's Best Collection of Easy-To-Do Impromptu Card Magic
©2003 Mamma Mia Magic
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 126 pages

Comments: Edited by John Lovick

Contents (from book):

vii Introduction
viii Preface

1 Selected Cards
1 Goody Goody (Tom Craven): magician locates two selections by two spectators
2 Easy Location (Colombini): card location
3 No Control (Colombini): spectator selects a portion of 13 cards, adds the total, and uses that number to count to her selection; the CATO Cut and Turn Over principle.
6 Topsy-Turvy Twosome (Tom Daugherty): another two card location
7 Twinkey (J.K. Hartman): a two card selection by two spectators location from After Craft
8 A Sort-of Spell (Eddie Joseph): spelling the name of the wrong card finds the right one
9 Quick and Direct (Harry Lorayne): location by elimination
11 Dreamer’s Ball (Gavin Ross): the Aces trap the selection
12 Duck and Deal (Colombini): another card elimination location
13 4-5-6 (Al Thatcher): a stop card trick
14 Bottoming Out Today (Marty Kane): comedy card spelling
15 Dueling with Cards (John Racherbaumer): a 16 card packet trick as performed by a mathematician, a psychic, and a magician
17 Piledriver (Gavin Ross): magician finds a selection chosen from one of four packets
18 Kangaroo (Roy Walton): selection by elimination
19 Automatic Replacement (Ed Marlo): bring a freely selected card to any position in the deck
20 Jackula (Michael De Marco): a sandwich routine with a Dracula theme
22 Come Together (Jay Sankey & David Acer): two selection are returned to the deck but are found together face up and side by side
23 Leapfrog (Tom Daugherty): a game of card leapfrog finds two selections
25 The Ten Principle (John Cornelius): magician determines which card was removed from the deck
26 Prophetic Numbers (Colombini): a card is revealed with a mathematical approach; another CATO trick
27 Infallible Memory (Eddie Joseph): selection is found by memorizing the deck
28 Instant Lottery (Marty Kane): spectator wins a Lottery number selection and finds his "Jack"pot
30 Speed Limit (Gavin Ross): version of Joe Digman's Estimate-ion that is 100%
31 Sweet Sixteen (Michael De Marco): variation on a Blackstone Three Heaps routine
32 The Magic Lesson (Roy Walton): selection found using the Eliminator shuffle
34 The Jamesway Connection (Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson): a Faro trick
36 Untouched (Daryl): spectator handles the cards
37 Countdown Location (George McBride): key card location
38 Phone Trick (Chuck Smith): a card trick for over the phone
39 A Case of Logic (Larry Becker): uses a peek
40 Topsy-Turvy Location (Stewart Judah): selection is found from cards mixed face up and down
41 Two Selected Cards (Stewart Judah): first spectator finds selections fro two others
43 Three-Card Location (Stewart Judah): a key card helps find three selections

45 Aces and Gambling
45 A Lucky Card (Richard Vollmer): three Aces are found, and the fourth using the Magician's lucky card
47 Surprise Poker (Aldo Colombini): a packet is split into reds and blacks, and a cut of the deck finds the cards to produce a straight flush
49 Simpl-Ace-Ty (Stephen Jones): Aces are shuffled into the deck and found again
49 Du/Process (Karl Fulves): novelty poker deal using a down/under deal
51 It’s a Deal (Aldo Colombini): four Ace production after some strange deals
53 The Nervous Ace (Tom Daugherty): variation of a J.K. Hartman Lie Detector effect
54 Lucky in Love (Karl Fulves): story trick from a small setup
55 Three to Two Poker (Howard Adams): magician always wins in this poker routine

57 Mental Discoveries
57 Three Proofs (Tom Daugherty): a clock principle card effect
59 Message Understood (Peter Duffie): one spectator reads the mind of another, using the Ed Marlo automatic placement
60 Matched Prediction (Trevor Lewis): selection was predicted in a match book
61 Duo Predicto (Paul Swinford): spectator cuts deck behind back and turns one half face up and facing cards match prediction
62 Double Predict a Count (Al Thatcher): through card counting the selected card is found and a second prediction is found true
64 Invisible Deck (John Fedko): a routine for the Invisible Deck
64 Blue Print (Karl Fulves): a prediction using color
66 No Way (Eric Booth): another location
67 Another Aussie (Tom Craven): spectator chooses a card using the Australian deal - under/down deal - and it matches the prediction
68 Thirteen Down (Peter Duffie): a spelling prediction
69 Central Reservations (Peter Duffie): small packet version fo Curry's Power of Thought
70 Dextral Draw (Karl Fulves): magician reveals which one of five cards was selected without asking any questions
71 My Dear Holmes (Stephen Tucker): a triple prediction
72 Three for One (Aldo Colombini): using a mathematical force, three predictions match a selection
73 The Cape Canaveral Trick (Paul Swinford): a mathematical card trick with a humorous plot
75 Importanten (Howard Adams): a series of effects with 8 cards
76 Cleopatrable (Howard Adams): a prediction test using the mystical name of Cleopatra
77 A Face in the Dark (George McBride): an approach for Stewart James' 51 Faces North
78 Predict-O’Clock (Aldo Colombini): using the spectator's favorite hours, two card selections match two predictions

81 Spelling Effects
81 The Magic Shuffle (Peter Duffie): three cards are revealed by a magic, mathematical shuffle
82 Universal Speller (Phil Goldstein): with a slight play of words, the magician spells to the selection
84 Small Talk (Richard Vollmer): magician submits the deck to a spelling program that finds the selection
85 Comedy Spelling (Aldo Colombini): face up card spelled finds the selection
86 Isobel (Stephen Jones): card is found using the name of the spectator
87 Bam-boo-zle (Ken de Courcy): presentation for Steinmeyer's Nine Card Problem
88 Copperfield Down-Under (Marty Kane): spectator finds his own card by special spelling
89 Magician (Peter Duffie): three spectators find their cards in three packets of cards
90 Spelling Three Names (Stewart Judah): names of three spectators are used to find a selection

91 Amazing Coincidences
91 Casually Yours (Aldo Colombini): spectator deals three piles and finds the matches to three cards put down by magician
93 Trost and Us (Mike Rogers): magician matches the number of cards cut by the spectator
94 Money Power (Roy Walton): using two coins you find the only matching pair of cards in two rows on the table
96 A Coincidence-On a Tray (Bill Miesel): two spectators cut to four threes
98 Family Reunion (Aldo Colombini): demonstration of coincidences using the 12 face cards
99 Royal Marriages (Dai Vernon): with the four Kings and Queens
101 Sloshed or Sober (Paul Gordon): spectator finds two mates in a shuffled deck
103 Way to Go! (Aldo Colombini): a false prediction is made right
104 The Great Thirstin’ (Marty Kane): magician finds the selection through subliminal messages
106 Strange Frontier (Gavin Ross): little known handling on the Ed Balducci Cut Deeper force
107 Out of this Borough (David Regal): an Out of this World plot with two spectators
111 Tri-Trock (Michael De Marco): a series of coincidences with 25 cards and three spectators
112 “Romantic” Card Trick (Bob Ostin): a romantic story based on a mathematical force
113 Solitaire (Norman Gilbreath): the setup becomes part of the routine

115 Lie Detector
115 Acme Lie Detector (Marty Kane): magician reveals selection even though spectator can lie or tell the truth
116 More Lies (Robert E. Neale): self working, spectator makes selection from packet of Kings and Queens
119 On Second Thought (Aldo Colombini): spectators spell any card and find the selections
121 Telemental (Bob King): another over the phone routine
122 Pronto! (Aldo Colombini): another trick that can be done over the phone
123 The Ultimate Truth (Peter Duffie): a lie or truth effect with a small packet of cards
125 S.S.D.J. Lie Detector (Robin Robertson): SSDJ stands for Steinmeyer, Solomon, Duffie, Jennings

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The Effect
From Aldo Colombini comes this great collection of card stunners- all impromptu and designed to pack the maximum amount of magical punch with the least amount of sleight of hand skill on your part. You will be astounding your audience with these effect just as if you had invested years in learning difficult sleights...but without all that trouble. This amazing compilation includes contributions from dozens of the best thinkers in magic.

90 Amazing Card Tricks From These Great Magicians:
David Acer
Howard Adams
Larry Becker
Eric Booth
Aldo Colombini
John Cornelius
Tom Craven
Tom Daugherty
Ken De Courcy
Michael De Marco
Peter Duffie
John Fedko
Karl Fulves
Norman Gilbreath
Phil Goldstein
Paul Gordon
J.K. Hartman
Stephen Jones
Eddie Joseph
Stewart Judah
Marty Kane
Bob King
Trevor Lewis
Harry Lorayne
George McBride
Ed Marlo
Bill Miesel
Robert Neale
Bob Ostin
Jon Racherbaumer
David Regal
Robin Robertson
Mike Rogers
Gavin Ross
Jay Sankey
Chuck Smith
Paul Swinford
Al Thatcher
Stephen Tucker
Dai Vernon
Richard Vollmer
Roy Walton
The effects in this book cover:
Selected Cards
Aces and Gambling
Mental discoveries
Spelling effects
Amazing coincidences
Lie detectors
The routines use subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand to produce entertaining card effects that anyone can do. And more important, no gimmicks, and no set-ups whatsoever. Grab an ordinary, even borrowed, deck of cards and amaze your spectators with incredible card effects!

Manufacturer Says
Book is 8 1/2" X 11" and has 125 pages of Instruction and Illustration.

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No. of Pages 126
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Aldo Colombini

Aldo Colombini moved to the United States from Italy in 1993 and has taken the country by storm! He has performed in 52 countries including every European country, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Africa, China and South America for both children and adults. He is a F.I.S.M. prizewinner, one of the most prestigious awards in the world of magic. He performed often on Italian television (RAI 1) and has also appeared on television shows in Portugal, Spain, Japan, Colombia and Sweden. Aldo dazzles audiences of all sizes... from as small as 2 or 3 people with his amazing close-up magic to groups of 1000+ with his entertaining comedy and charismatic and magical stage presence. Aldo has performed often at Caesarís Magical Empire in Caesarís Palace, Las Vegas and continues to appear several times a year at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California where he is one of few magicians who are able to perform in all four showrooms. When he is onstage, audiences from all over the world are mesmerized by his wonderful mix of magic, comedy and Italian charm. Aldo was voted by the Academy of Magical Arts, Hollywood, California: TWICE Parlor magician of the year, nominated for best Close-up magician of the year, Best stage performer of the year, Best Bar magician of the year and for Best COMEDY act of the year. He appeared on ìMasters of Illusion,î a series of weekly magic specials airing on PAX-TV. And, if all that wasn't enough, he speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French and can perform in all four languages allowing him to dazzle audiences from diverse backgrounds. Because of this he is in demand by major companies who entertain clients from around the world. Besides bewildering audiences large and small, Aldo has written and published several books on magic and created many magical effects used by magicians all over the world. He also lectures on magic worldwide and was nominated by the Academy of Magical Arts TWICE Lecturer of the Year. He also entertains children all over USA every year with his highly praised magic school show assemblies. He also produces, publishes, manufactures and distributes wonderful quality magic products through his former company, Mamma Mia Magic, and at present with the new one Wild-Colombini Magic. In the history of the Magic Castle is the ONLY magician to be nominated in all six categories: Comedy, Stage, Close-up, Parlor, Bar magician and Lecturer.
Rachel Colombini
With magic as a life long hobby, following her career with one of the largest corporate organizations in Britain, Rachel established a magic shop in Manchester, England in 1993. It supplied a vast array of magical apparatus, catering for every level of performer but specializing in quality handcrafted wooden effects. She spent the next five years displaying and lecturing on magic at various conventions and magical societies before moving to the United States. Rachel is also an accomplished, full time performer in both stage and close-up magic at private and corporate events.


Aldo Colombini
From MagicPedia
Aldo Colombini moved to the United States from Italy in 1993 and has performed magic throughout the world. He speaks and performs in Italian, English, Spanish and French.

Aldo Colombini
Born ?

He performed often on Italian television (RAI 1). He has also appeared on television shows in Portugal, Spain, Japan, Colombia and Sweden. In the United States he was part of the Masters of Illusions series on PAX-TV.

Aldo has performed at Caesar's Magical Empire in Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas and often appears at the Magic Castle in all four showrooms.

Aldo produces, publishes, manufactures and distributes wonderful quality magic products through his former company, Mamma Mia Magic, and at now with Wild-Colombini Magic.

Awards and honors
•F.I.S.M. prizewinner.
•Academy of Magical Arts Parlor magician of the year (2 times)
•Nominated by Academy of Magical Arts for best Close-up magician of the year, Best stage performer of the year, Best Bar magician of the year. Best Comedy act of the year and Lecturer of the Year
•Impact (1991)
•What's Up Deck? (1995)
•Direct Hits (1996)