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Ultimate Thayer Commemorative Coin - Limited Edition

The Ultimate Thayer Commemorative Coin. This coin is magnificent with the Thayer Hindoo head logo and Floyd Thayer's years with the company on one side. The Wand of the West, a set of billiard balls and 2009 are embossed on the other side. Solid brass, deep embossed two-colors. Minted by Bob Albo and Phil Swartz.

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Extras Limited Minting
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Location Magic Library (Home)
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Floyd Thayer

Floyd G. Thayer was founder of the Thayer Magic Company that made magical apparatus in the 1920's and 1930's. The Thayer slogan was "Quality Magic".

Floyd G. Thayer
July 18, 1877

July 29, 1959

Thayer started his Thayer Magic Co. making wands and advertised first in Mahatma as The Wand of The West. Ellis Stanyon was reported to have been his first customer. [1]

Thayer once sold his higher priced illusions with a "Pay As You Show" Plan. Magicians could send a down payment for the illusion and then pay as the expected high-priced engagements would come rolling using the new Thayer prop. This idea was quickly discontinued.

He was a charter member of Ring 21 in Hollywood.[2]

In 1942, the Larsen’s purchased Floyd Thayer’s Magic Company. After his retirement, Thayer and his wife Jennie moved to the Larsen's home in Pasadena where they lived until Jennie's death in 1951. He then moved to Long Beach where he lived with cousin until his death.[3]

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