How To Become A Magic Wholesaler
Holliday, Doc
Magic-On-Demand (2011)
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Holliday, Doc: How To Become A Magic Wholesaler
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How To Become A Magic Wholesaler

How To Get Free Magic Tricks

This is what magic dealers don't want you to know! THEY WISH YOU NEVER READ THIS WORK. You will NOT find it in any regular magic shop. Your dealer would lose all your business if you had this work. The circulation is basically limited and on the underground... you won't find this advertised in the magazines either. dealer is likely to sell it to you...why? Because he will likely lose his business with you.

Learn the pitfalls of running a magic shop, and the only way to really make money selling magic without most of the pitfalls.

This book will show you how to get your magic at wholesale, sometimes less.

Think you have to buy a dozen books to get the wholesale price?
* It will show you how to get the wholesale price on ONE BOOK.
* This book will save you thousands of dollars a year on your magic cost....

This book explains ways to make your magic dollar go much further...get 2 or 3 times the amount of magic for the same money you are now spending.

Learn how to set up a plan that gets you sent samples of all the NEW tricks and books as they come out....and at sample prices.

Yes by following simple techniques you will wind up getting much of your magic for FREE....

YES you can buy almost everything at wholesale.

If you want to become a magic dealer and resale, then here is the step by step information those already in the business hope you'll never learn!

Learn to set up your magic shop on-line, draw a customer base and keep those customers coming back time and again.

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