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Sankey, Jay: Slyder
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Saturday, August 20, 2011Magic Review - Sankey's Slyder

Jay Sankey recently released "Slyder" and I got in on the pre-order package. There was a lot of hype surrounding this on twitter so I thought I would give it a review after I received it and had a day or two to evaluate it. I won't review the other items in the pre-order deal (maybe another post I will ) but will just concentrate on Slyder.Slyder shipped on Aug 15th and I recieved mine on the 18th, not bad for a package from Canada to the US (considering it is an average of 5 days to send a letter from my house to an address in the same state that is less than 200 miles away)

I wanted to evaluate it on three criteria, Quality of construction, Ease of understanding, and Value/price.

1. So when it arrived Slyder basically consists of the special clips and a booklet(and a small cloth bag that held the clips). I will start on the clips. The rather large clips appear to be nothing special, just large clips, and nicely made. My set I can discern no noticeable difference between them. This is important from a standpoint of handing one out for examination. Overall I give these a 10 of 10!

2. The booklet that came with Slyder is paper cover 22 pages. The first part explains the clips in quite a bit of detail including why Jay Sankey decided to make his own , or had them made by Roy Kueppers. Next he goes into detail on prepping the Slyder. Not difficult by any stretch of the imagination. After all that Jay (I hope he doesn't mind just calling him Jay )offers many many ideas on how to handle the clip followed by some really awesome routines. I give this a 10 also.

3. Now is the subjective one.. Price/Value. Well I would say it is awesome for the price even if I hadn't of gotten any of the extra's Jay included for those that preordered.

Even though the pre-order event is over you can still get Slyder from Sankey Magic. I heartily recommend this!
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