More Card Manipulations - Series No. 3
Jean Hugard
Max Holden (1940)
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Card tricks
USA  eng
Hugard, Jean: More Card Manipulations No. 3
©1940 Max Holden, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 55 pages

Comments: Illustrations by Nelson Hahne


6 Part I - Sleights
6 The Faced Deck - The Secret Turn Over
8 The Gambler's Table Change
9 The Spread Pass
10 The Thumb Slide
12 New Method of Picking up an Arranged Deck After It Has Been Spread on the Table and a Card Has Been Withdrawn From It
13 An Easy Force
14 Reversing the Bottom Card - Two Methods
14 - Second Method
15 The Carlyle False Count
15 I. To Count a Number of Cards Showing Less Than There Are
16 II. To Count a Number of Cards as More Than They Really Are
17 The Miller Card Case
19 The Cottone Spider-Grip False Cut
20 Tricks Using The Spider-Grip False Cut
20 1. A Stubborn Card
20 2. Gambler's Sense of Touch
21 3. The Penetrating Eye
21 4. The Four Aces Are Tops
21 5. Poker Heaps
21 6. Digging For Diamonds

22 Part II - Tricks
22 Picking A Pocket
22 Married Couples and Bachelors
27 Springing the Trap
28 The Two Pile Mystery
30 Mene, Tekel, Upharsin - The Thirty Cards - Alpha to Omega
31 The Multiplication of Cards while in Someone's Hands
33 Infiltration
35 Reverse Transfer (Dr. Jacob Daley)
37 Optical Illusion (R.M. Jamison)
39 Think-A-Card (Charles Hopkins)
40 Ziska Improved (Gerald Kosky)
43 Three Cards and a Bank Note (Dr. Richard Rowe)
46 The Score Card Scores (Fred Braue)
48 The Curry Turn Over Change
49 A Cur(r)i-ous Prediction (Paul Curry)
52 The Question Is... (Paul Morris)
53 Psycho-Carditis - Nothing New But the Presentation (Dr. H. Walter Grote)

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Jean Hugard

Born in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Stage and pen name of John Gerard Rodney Boyce, originally aka 'Jean Hugarde', later aka 'Chin Sun Loo'. Inspired in 1880 seeing Haselmayer show. Learned a week later reading Robert-Houdin's Secrets of Magic, then Hoffmann's Modern Magic. Debut in 1896. Pro since 1900. Moved to USA in 1916, working vaude 1916-18 and in own magic theater in Luna Park (at Coney Island) 1919-29 when retired in Brooklyn to write and edit magic. Named 4th SAM Dean of Magicians in 1951. SAM Hall of Fame.