Dusheck's Mental Magic (Dusheck magic series NO. 4)
Steve Dusheck
American Magic Co (1993)
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Hardcover B0006F4BZE
Dusheck, Steve: Dusheck's Mental Magic
Dusheck Magic Series No. 4
Edited by James M. Klein
©1993 Steve Dusheck, American Magic Co.
Hardcover, 126 pages

Comments: Dusheck Magic Series No. 4


i Table of Contents
ii Dedication
iii Foreword
iv Introduction

1 Poe Keen Know
5 A Glowing Thought
7 Color Pen Epic
15 Chess Chance
18 Clearly Mental Addition
20 Dynamic Duo
22 Force 58
25 Bookmark Book Test
28 I.O.U. Paddle
31 Astro Perception Calendar
38 E.S. Pen
42 Minus One
45 Dr. Rhine's Stones
48 Personality Lines
52 Stooge Book Prediction
57 Spike Bending
60 I've Got Your Spot
64 Six Easy Pieces
66 Miami Dice
70 Living Test
73 Keytector
76 Mental Choice Outdone
80 The Know Bill Prize
85 Coinetism
88 You Can't Lose
91 Mini Can Prediction
94 Brainstorm
96 Very Dry
99 A Moving Experience
102 The Acid Test
105 Flasher
107 Shattered
109 Cornered
113 Edgy
118 Folded
121 Mental Magic (Questions and Answers)
123 About the Author
125 About the Editor/Publisher

Product Details
No. of Pages 126
First Edition Yes
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Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf F
Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Dusheck, Steve
Invented: Wunderbar, Waltzing Matilda, Coin/Card, Surprise, Dusheck's Dollar, The oin and Cord, Half-a-Buck, Dusheck's Diminshing Cards, Dollar Punch, E.S.Pen,Dusheck's Copper/Silver Transpo,Pad-I-Add, Case of Identity, By the Handful, Great Pretender, Half Back, Poly-Gripped, Confounding Coffer, Quick Change, Lethal Tender, Gung Ho Deck Vanish, Funky, Shell-A-Bration, Washout, Touché, Ringer (2005) and the list keeps growing.
Wrote: Dusheck's Thumbtip Magic (1991), Dusheck's Coin Magic (1992), Dusheck's Card Magic (1992), Dusheck's Mental Magic (1993), Dusheck's Close Up Magic (1994), Dusheck's Force Fields,

Media: The 1982 Lecture DVD

Web site: http://www.stevedusheck.com