Kornfidentially Yours - A Collection of Commericial Fun n' Magic
Fox, Karrell
Magic, inc (1980)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Great Britain  eng
Fox, Karrell: Kornfidentially Yours
©1953 Karrell Fox, Town House Magic, MO
©1961 Ireland Magic Co.
©1980 Magic, inc
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 47 pages


Contents (from Trickshop.com ebook version):

2 Kornfidentially (Karrell Fox)
3 Karrell Fox (Monk Watson): short bio

5 Part 1 Funny Bunny Business
5 Where’s The Bunny?: rabbit from the hat
5 Vernon, The Educated Rabbit: card trick for your bunny

7 Part 2 Magi-Props
7 For Goodness Snakes!
7 One Man’s Opinion
8 Pop-Up Banana
9 Shoot It With A Knife
9 Gold Medal Flower
10 Popeye Glasses
11 Micro-Phoney

13 Part 3 Foxy Foolers
13 Top Secret
13 That’s A Hot One
14 A Sure Bet
14 That’s The Spirit
15 Striking Interlude
16 The Bill Collector
17 Unfathomable Coin Vanish

18 Part 4 Kard Kornceptions
18 Light’s Out
18 A Falsie
19 Foxy Aces
20 Fan-Tizy
20 Foxy Riffle
21 A Direct Stab
22 E-Z Card In Wallet
23 “Kickeroo” Kard
24 Short And Snappy
25 Sociable Queen
25 This Will Kill You!

26 Part 5 Korny Kwickies
26 Selected Shorts
26 It Smells
26 Not Good, But Loud
26 A Highlight
26 An Old Yarn
26 Guillotine Bit
26 Color Changing Knife Finish
27 Axe Gag
27 Let’s Rehearse
27 Neversharp Pencil
27 The Celebrities
27 Shirt Gag
27 A “Tin” Spot
28 A Pair Bloomers
28 Attn Magi-Ministers
28 Wet Cigar
28 Specially For Dell
28 Mutilated Tie
28 It’s A Date
29 Hyp Happy
28 Basket Bits
29 Milk Pitcher
29 Dove Pan
29 20th Century Silks
30 Lota Bowl

31 Part 6 Fox’s Favorite Features
31 A Handy Opener
31 Tie-Riffic
32 Eh?!!
34 The Watchwinder
35 Off The Record
36 A “Kornsilk” Production
37 The Adam Smasher
37 The Vendor Pitch Act
39 Cane Thru Body

Product Details
Edition 3rd printing
No. of Pages 47
Personal Details
Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf G
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Fox, Karrell
(1928 - 1998 )
When he was a child, his parents operated a small restaurant in E. Rainelle, West Virginia. A customer sneaked out without paying his bill, but left behind a few small tricks. With these, Karrell began his magic career. He appeared on the "Ed Sullivan Show" at the age of 18. He later had his own TV show, performing as Milky the Clown.
Invented: Bullseye Card, B.S. Miser's Dream Pail, Magical Assets, Nite-Cap, Take It and Stick It, Two Fisted Book Test, Mene-Tekel Book Test, Knifty Knot, No Not, Baffling Blow-Outs and many more.
Wrote: Clever Like a Fox (1976), Another Book by Karrell Fox (1979), Comedy A La Card, Karrell Fox’s The Legend, For My Next Trick (Illustrated by Ed Harris), My Latest Book (Illustrated by Ed Harris), Much Ado About Something (Illustrated by Ed Harris)
Media: Karrell Fox, Volume 1 (DVD & VHS);