Magic City Library of Magic Volume 9 - Sponge Balls
Behnke, Leo
Magic City Publishing (1991)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Behnke, Leo: Sponge Balls
Magic City Library of Magic Volume 9
©1991 Magic City
Paper, Stapled; 32pg

Comments: Decent basics on sponge ball magic. Light on photos, light on price (under $5)

Contents: (note: numbers are not page numbers)

1 Basics
1 Sleights: finger palm
2 - Vanish
3 - Pinch
3 - Two handed production
4 Holders: holding out
5 Attitude

6 Tricks:
6 Ball Thru Pocket
7 Ball Thru Table
8 One + Two
9 Baffling Balls

10 Routines
10 Three Ball Trick
11 How Many?
12 A Bowl Routine
13 Chinese Bowl Routine

14 Short Bibliography (Walsh, Garcia, Magic Inc., Hugard's Modern Magic Manual)

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