Illustrated Magic
Ottokar Fischer; Barrows Mussey; Charles Fulton Oursler
The Macmillan Company (1950)
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Magic tricks
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Fischer, Ottokar: Illustrated Magic
©19501 The Macmillian Company
Hardcover, 206 pages

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Comments: (Coronasmith) In this book Ottokar describes illusions, apparatus, fakes, gimmicks and other secret accessories. "In each case the author describes the trick as it is seen by the audience and the means by which it is made possible-with the aid of scores of illustrations so the reader is let in behind the scenes."

Contents (Chapters, numbers are not page numbers)

1 To The Reader
2 The Magic Of Today
3 Three Secrets Of Success For Every Magician
4 From Magic-Man To Modern Conjurer
5 Why You Can't Always Trust Your Senses
6 The Secrets Of Magical Apparatus
7 Feats Of Dexterity And Skill
8 Fakes, Gimmicks And Other Secret Accessories
9 Vest-Pocket Magic
10 The Wonders Of Card Magic
11 Mind Reading, Clairvoyance, And Telepathy
12 Stage Illusions
13 Ghosts And Other Apparitions
14 The Wonders Of Black Art
15 The Mysteries Of Escapes
16 The Wonders Of The Fakirs
17 The Wonders Of Puzzles

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Fischer, Ottokar
Born Ottokar Fischer Marteau, he started magic in Vienna at the age of 10. Gave his first puiblic performance at age 18. Starting in 1898 he appeared regularly at the Kratky Baschik theatre in Vienna, a magic theatre with nearly 1000 seats. For 12 years he performed daily with a two and a half-hour show of magic. After the First World War he no longer performed publicly and dedicated his life to the history of magic, in particular to the life of Austrian and European magicians. He wrote The Miracle Book of Magic (1929) and J. N. Hofzinser's Card Conjuring - Kartenkünste (1910), and Illustrated Magic - Zauberkünste (1942).