Magic City Library of Magic Volume 12 - Card Boxes
Behnke, Leo
Magic City Publishing (1991)
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Magic tricks
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Behnke, Leo: Card Boxes
Magic City Library of Magic Volume 12
©1991 Magic City
Paper, Stapled, 28 pages

Comments: The Magic City Library of Magic series are oriented toward the beginner and provide basic introductions to each subject. They are relatively inexpensive, as well.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Basics
2 The Styles
3 Handling

4 Beginning Tricks
5 Houdini Does it Again!
6 Ghost Writing
7 Spooky Sum
8 Phantom Gunslinger
9 Wandering Card
10 Temper, Temper!
11 Pennsylvania Card Reading
12 Jigsaw Box

13 Advanced Tricks
14 Visual Change
15 Card Box Sympathy
16 The Missing Word
17 Flight Two
18 Here and Gone

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No. of Pages 28
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