Blackstone Book of Magic and Illusion
Harry Blackstone
Newmarket Press (1985)
In Collection
Magic tricks, Magic tricks - History, Magicians - Biography
Hardcover 0937858455
Blackstone, Harry, Jr: The Blackstone Book of Magic & Illusion
©1985 Blackstone Magik Enterprises, Inc.
Hardcover, w/dj, 226 pages
ISBN: 0-93-7858-45-5

vii Foreword (Ray Bradbury)

1 Chapter 1 Introduction The World Of Magic
2 What Magic Really Is
5 Your Place In Magic

10 The World Of Magic From Caveman To Modern Conjuror: A Short History Of The Art Of Illusion
12 Mysticism And Ritual: The Art Of Magic Begins
16 Church Suppression And Magic's First Literature
19 From Street-corners To The Courts Of Kings: Magic As Entertainment
25 Magic Enters The Theatres
28 The First Great Stars: Magic Takes On An Image
38 The Great Blackstone: Vaudeville And The Rise Of The Big Magic Shows
70 Backstage: Growing Up With The Company
83 The Big Sell: Advertising And Promoting Magic
89 Decline And Rebirth: Nightclubs And Early Television
95 Finding My Own Place In Magic: A Second Blackstone Builds A Show
112 The New Stars: Today's World Of Magic

117 The Science Of Illusion
117 The Why And How Of Magic
118 Production
121 Vanish
123 Transposition
125 Transformation
126 Restoration
128 Animation
129 Penetration
130 Ami Gravity
133 Sympathetic Reaction
134 Time Control
135 Escapes
136 Mentalism
137 Invulnerability To Physical Laws
137 Psychological Principles
138 Sensory Illusions
139 Misdirection

153 Performing Magic
156 Magic Up Close
157 The Cups And Balls
169 Card Magic
171 The Lie Detector
175 Wrong Into Right
178 A Double Reverse
179 The Detective Card
180 Computer Aces
182 Card Through The Handkerchief
186 Tricks With Coins
194 Tricks With Small Objects
194 The Penetrating Matches
198 Ring On Ribbon
202 Magic At The Table
206 The Double Ropes: An Exploration Of A Classic Magic Principle
215 Final Thoughts And Secrets

220 Bibliography

225 Appendices
225 A: Magic Societies
225 B: Magic Conventions
226 C: Magic Magazines
226 D: Magic Dealers

228 Index

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Harry Blackstone Jr. shares the history of modern magic, largely as seen through the eyes of his family. His father was the original Great Blackstone and Blackstone has carried on the tradition. This is not a merely anecdotal history, however. It's Blackstone's personal reflections on the art and game of magic--not just how it works but why it works as entertainment. It's about the psychological showmanship as well as the craft. Included are lessons in how to perform tricks that go beyond the mere technical details to show how to make a simple trick a piece of true theater.