The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic - Explained Step by Step by America's Foremost Authority on Close Up Magic
Frank Garcia
Self-published (1976)
In Collection
Magic tricks
Hardcover B0006CR384
USA  English
Garcia, Frank: Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic
©1976 Frank Garcia
Hardcover w/dustjacket, 224 pages

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Comments: illustrated by Eddie Tricomi.

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3 Preface
11 Introduction
12 Endorsement: Jerry Solomon, Mike Tannen, Al Goshman

14 The Hidden Factor
15 The Jacket Lapel Move
16 Behind The Tie
18 Up to My Neck in Sponges
20 Let´s Have Some Elbow Room
22 One, Two, Three Knockout Routine
25 Wrapper Magic
26 The Mayfair Mountebank (Bobby Baxter)
27 The Armpit Move
28 Al Cohn´s Under the Jacket Move
29 Vanishes (beginning)
31 The 'Garcia' Master Move
35 The 'Clipped' Vanish
38 The 'Exercise' Vanish
40 The One, Two, Three Vanish
43 Now You See lt, Now You Don't
45 Two to Nothing
49 Quick Vanish
52 The'O.K.'Vanish
55 The Roll Down Animated Vanish
57 The 'Bold' Vanish
59 The 'Bluff Vanish
60 Another'Bluff Vanish
62 The Pretended Place Vanish
63 The 'Toss' Vanish
65 The 'Squeeze' Vanish
67 The'Pretended Take'Vanish
69 Nip and Tuck No Skill Vanish
71 The Hook Vanish
74 The Impossible Challenge' Vanish
79 The Back-Plam Vanish
82 The Deliberate Vanish
84 Mike Tannen's Fork Move
86 Mike Tannen's 'In' Move
88 The Gaff Vanish
90 Routines (beginning)
91 The Magic 10 Count
93 Second Version of the Magic 10 Count
85 My Version of the Magic 10 Count
97 Al Cohn's Spongeball Routine
102 The Slow Motion Transposition & Impromptu
109 Derek Dingle's Undercover Move
111 For Magicians Only
115 Short and Sweet
118 The Slick Routine
120 Dr. Daley
125 My Routine, By George
125 George Schindler
128 Simply Commercial
132 Bobby Baxter's Spongeball Routine
133 Mike Tannen's Perpetual Balls
137 Flash Opening
138 Peter Samuelson's Routines
138 The Peter Principle
139 Peter's Switcheroo 141
140 The'Drop' Ploy 140
142 Right Through
143 John Benzais
147 Hanky Panky
148 Jack Chanin
151 Sometimes
151 Roy Benson
152 Charlie Miller
154 Don Alan
155 Jimmy Reneaux's Idea
156 Where Did They All Come From?
156 John Francis
159 Veil of Darkness
161 Variation of Veil of Darkness
167 The'Sacrosanct' Routine
163 The Hank Vall Vanish
167 Head to Head Migratory Balls
167 Tony Slydini
171 Böb Elliot's Razzle Dazzler
173 The'Soft'Chop Cup Routine
178 Father Cyprian's Spongeball Routine
183 The Grand Finale
183 Dr. Jaks
183 Tony Slydini
187 The Big Secret Hidden Factor
187 Roger Klause
190 Ideas, Thoughts and Reflections
194 Bill Surprise
192 3 Sponge Surprise
193 Spongeball (Billiard Ball) Vanish
195 Mis-Direction
195 Lenny Greenfader
196 Milbourne Christopher
198 My Trade Show Spongeball Routine
197 Heavyballs
200 For My Next Trick
Imaginary Sponge 200
200 Playing Cards to Balls
201 Knee Holdout
202 Johnny Paul
202 Within the Folds
202 Spongeball Holdout
203 'Number One' Sponge
203 How To Make A Sponge Ultra Soft
203 Dr. Phillipe Fiahlo
204 Ball To Cube
204 Cat Gut Vanish
205 Bobby Baxter's Criss-Cross
206 Hollow Egg and Lemon Idea
207 1-2-3
207 Two (2) Ball Routine
207 Balls To Cube
207 Phantom Whiskey Glass
208 Tablecloth Surprise
208 Box of Mystery
210 How To Practice Vanishing a Sponge
212 Pop-Up Routine
212 Interesting Start
214 My Preferred Pop-Up Routine
215 Different Method
216 Peter Wong's Spongeball Routine
218 Al Goshman's Number 4
219 Rubber Frankfurter Finish
219 The Rabbit Trick, Bobby Baxter
220 Nelson Magic Dealer
220 End of Ideas, Reflections & Thoughts
221 Epilogue
222 The Kitchen Magician and Happy Cooker
222 Recipes (Sponge Cakes)

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Garcia, Frank
Son of Spanish immigrants. He decided to become a magician after seeing a performance of Fu Manchu (David Bamberg).
Frank Garcia was a very popular magician who was known to magicians and gamblers as "The Man With The Million Dollar Hands." One of his specialties was gambling scams and cheating. As "The Gambling Investigator", he demonstrated and exposed cheating methods at tradeshows and to law enforcement organizations throughout the United States.
His best-known books about gambling include: Marked Cards and Loaded Dice (1962) which was later released as How to Detect Crooked Gambling (1977), All in a Nutshell (1974) and Don't Bet on It (1978).
Garcia also wrote many other books on magic: Million Dollar Card Secrets, Super Subtle Card Miracles, The Very Best of Cups and Balls, and Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic.