The Best Tricks and How To Do Them
David Devant
C. Arthur Pearson (1931)
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Magic tricks
Great Britain  English
Devant, David: The Best Tricks and How to Do Them
©1931 C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd., England
Hardcover, 126 pages

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11 Introduction
15 Chapter 1 Coin Tricks
15 The Travelling Coins: from hand to hand
18 The Cap and Pence: stack of pennies are vanished and appear under cap in place of a die
20 An Impossible Trick: pass a penny through a shilling sized hole
21 A Coin and a Ball: vanished coin found in ball of silk
24 A Coin and a Nest of Boxes: vanished coin found in nest of boxes
25 The Miser's Dream: multiplying coins

31 Chapter 2 Tricks with Balls
31 The Billiard Balls: multiplying balls act
39 A Ball and a Handkerchief: ping-pong ball and handkerchief transposition
43 A Handkerchief Changed into a Ball: mechanical
45 The Patriotic Balls: three red, three white, and three blue balls in 3 hats, each becomes mixed

47 Chapter 3 Card Tricks
47 Simple Thought-Reading
55 Invisible Flight: torn and restored to a card frame (sand frame)
59 Three Celebrities: three cards in envelope transfer to empty frame, while envelope contains selected celebrity names
63 The Card and the Cigarette: selected card is found in a cigarette

66 Chapter 4 Miscellaneous Tricks
66 The Clock: stops at any hour chosen by audience
75 The Sliding Die Box

81 Chapter 5 Miscellaneous Tricks (continued)
81 A Strip of Paper: torn and restored (TT)
85 The Drying Machine: wet tissue paper dries instantly
87 A Chinese Transparency: a math trick
91 The Japanese Box: stage apparatus trick
98 The Mysterious Ring: large ring ends up on rope tied between wrists
99 The 20th Century Trick: simplified version of this silk trick
103 The Dyed Handkerchiefs: color changing

108 Chapter 6 A Feat of Memory: an experiment in recall

120 Chapter 7 Laying the Ghost: a stage illusion

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Devant, David
Born in Highgate, London, England. Stage name since 1885 of David Wighton, son of Scottish landscape artist James Wighton. Learned around age 15 from a book. Debut in 1885. Pro illusionist and manipulator. In 1905 taken on as partner by J. N. Maskelyne. First president of The Magic Circle 1905-06. Gave Royal Command Performances 1912 and 1913. Left partnership with Maskelyne in 1915 to go on his own. In 1920, he retired from stage because of illness (paralysis agitans) but continued as writer and teacher.
Prolific inventor, including Artist's Dream (1893), Color Change (1893), the Vest Servante (around 1893), Birth of Flora (1895), Mascot Moth (1905), the New Page (1906) and Vanishing Motorcycle (1913).
Wrote: Hand Shadows (1901), Magic Made Easy (1911), Lessons in Conjuring (1922), Tricks for Everyone: Clever Conjuring with Common Objects (1925), My Magic Life (1931), Secrets of My Magic (1936)
Coauthored: Our Magic with J. Nevil Maskelyne (1911)