WORKERS NUMBER 1 - Routines from the Professional Repertoire of Michael Close
Close, Michael
Michael Close (1990)
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Magic tricks
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Close, Michael: Workers Number 1
©1990 Michael Close
Paper, comb bound, 42 Pages

Comment: (Wolfgang). The Workers series are now available as an all-in-one package in e-book format from Michael Close as The Complete Workers Series, with new and improved text.


1 Introduction
6 The Unbelievably Useful Comedy Prop: a small platic hand
8 The Origami Bunny: several effects with an Origami Bunny fold
18 Dr. Strangetrick: definitive handling of Card Warp
33 The Pothole Trick: travelling hole routine (business cards)

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Michael Close's series of manuscripts contain some of the most commercial, entertaining and powerful magic in print, spanning over 20 years of professional performing in real-world conditions. In sharing his work, Michael has held nothing back, including full presentations and extra tips and thinking.

The first book in the Workers series contains two of the strongest routines in all of close-up magic: Dr. Strangetrick and the now legendary Pothole Trick. Contains:

» The Unbelievably Useful Comedy Prop
» The Origami Bunny
» Dr. Strangetrick
» The Pothole Trick

Volume One also includes a bit of history about Michael and his philosophy on magic along with tips on audience management in close-up and stand-up situations.