WORKERS NUMBER 4 - Yet Still More Further Routines from the Professional Repertoire of Michael Close
Close, Michael
Michael Close (1994)
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Magic tricks
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Close, Michael: Workers Number 4
©1994 Michael Close
Paper, comb bound, 65 pages

Comment: The Workers series are now available as an all-in-one package in e-book format from Michael Close as The Complete Workers Series, with new and improved text.


1 Introduction
3 Coda Chrome: Three Way Coincidence effect (cards)
11 Erma La Fource: The Name of Your Card is Erma
18 The Imagination Tester: an origami effect in which a paperfold of a belt buckle becomes real.
28 Ruthless Peephole: Cig-thru-Coin and Card-Toon deck effect
32 Bloom on Your Hand: IT effect
38 Cu/Ag/CHO: Sugar packet
42 No Sleeves, No Topit: clean object vanish
44 Flying Home: Cards to Pocket
55 Butte Ox? Two Butte Ox!: Michael's handling for the classic Johnny Paul Cheek to Cheek card effect.
65 The Double Bar

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No. of Pages 65
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Michael Close's series of manuscripts contain some of the most commercial, entertaining and powerful magic in print, spanning over 20 years of professional performing in real-world conditions. In sharing his work, Michael has held nothing back, including full presentations and extra tips and thinking.

» Coda Chrome
» Erma La Fource
» The Imagination Tester
» Ruthless Peephole
» Bloom on Your Hand
» Cu/Ag/C12H22O11
» No Sleeves, No Topit
» Flying Home
» Butte Ox? Two Butte Ox!