Professional Magic for Children
David Ginn
Scarlett Green Publication (1979)
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USA  English
Ginn, David: Professional Magic For Children
©1979 David Ginn, GA
Hardcover, 244 pages

Comments: Illustrated by Bill Blackard, Photos by Wendell Tudor, Published by Scarlet Green

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01 I. Entertaining Children With Magic
01 Children and Magic
02 Mechanics of the Show
03 Dealing with a Children's Audience

04 II. Get 'Em Laughing Early In The Show
04 Sucker Tricks
05 Running Gags

06 III. Audience Participation Filled With Laughter
06 My Version of Dukes' Dye-Version
07 Painting By Magic
08 Betsy Ross Outdone
09 The Clatter Box
10 The Snake Can

11 IV. That Element Of Danger
11 Arrowhead!
12 Houdini's 1919 Stock Escape
13 Celebrating the Fourth of July Early
14 Disecto!
15 Boy to Rabbit

16 V. Magic For That Special Occasion
16 Working Birthday Parties

17 Words After

18 Appendix
18 Acknowledgements
19 The Magic Books of David Ginn

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