Cutting Corners - Notes On The Corner Short
George Schindler
Show-Biz Services (2003)
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Schindler, George: Cutting Corners
©2003 Show-Biz Services
Paperback, 12 pages

Finally-the perfectly engineered solution to the classic card control. The Kornershort device creates a perfectly round, perfectly smooth corner every time. No more nail clippers, scissors, or files. Any effect that requires the location, control or force of a card is now cleaner and easier with Kornershort. You can carry this in your pocket. This is a high-quality die-cast piece of apparatus. This comes complete with detailed instructions for seven applications. As an extra bonus, you get George Schindler's book "Cutting Corners" which teaches you the applications, locations and forces, and ten great effects. A short card can really make your card work look like miracles.


3 Introduction
3 What is a Corner Short?
3 Locating the Short
3 Index Short
4 Non-Index Short
4 Four Corner Short
5 The Perfect Key
5 Revelations
5 In A Heart Beat
6 Under Cover
7 Quick Find
7 Wrong Card
7 Four Aces
8 Instant Mentalism
9 Don't Lift A Finger
10 Simple Reversal
10 DNA
11 Forcing A Peek
11 Other Applications
11 Hindu Shuffle
12 References

Manufacturer's Description:
Your card technique is about to make a quantum leap! Kornershort, the perfectly engineered solution to the Classic Card Control.
One of the obstacles to the corner short's popularity has been the difficulty of cutting the card itself. Scissors, nail clippers and nail files have all been used with less than perfect results.
Enter the Kornershort device. Perfectly round, perfectly smooth corners every time. High quality, die cast construction that will last a lifetime. Now, there's nothing keeping you from the joys of shorting! And, it's priced very low for such a quality item.

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