Clues for Collectors
Heyl, Edgar
Ireland Magic Co. (1964)
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Heyl, Edgar G.:Clues For Collectors
©1964 Publisher: Ireland Magic Company; 1st edition (1964)
Paperback: 64 pages

One of the world's foremost authorities on magic books, palming coins and tokens, Mr. Heyl brings you a fascinating ebook on collecting. Includes: Early American Editions of Robert Houdin's Autobiography, Boy's Own Book, American Magic Books, Odd and Unusual Books, Two Worthy Wizards, Mythical Magic Books, Cards for Conjuring, 17th Century Notes, Dainty Conceits, Hocus Pocus, Peripheral Bibliographies, Magic, Black and White, The Cheaters, Rid, Rowlands, Juggling, Sports and Pastimes, Scarce and Rare, Little Known Conjurer's Medals and Tokens.
[This is a collection of articles that appeared in the MUM a long time ago.]

Clues for Collectors

This Edition of Edgar Heyl's Clues For Collectors Is Limited To 575 Copies, Of Which This Is Copy No. 187

Book by Edgar Heyl CUES FOR COLLECTORS 1st Edition

If you consider yourself a collector of early conjuring literature you need a copy of this book. Filled with vital information on many of the classics in our field….some of the articles cover:

The Boy’s Own Book; Hocus Pocus American Style; Odd and Unusual Books; Some Seventeenth Century Notes; The Scarce and Rare, and much more!!!

Published by Ireland Magic Company, Chicago in 1964, pictorial wraps, illustrated with old cuts and engravings, 64 pages. Internally a clean, tight copy

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Edition Limited to 575 copies This Copy No. 187
No. of Pages 64
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Edgar "Ed" Heyl
born (July 1, 1911 - May 23, 1993), in Philadelphia and a chemist employed by the State of Maryland, was a magic performer, scholar, collector and later magic dealer in Baltimore.

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His father (Earle) was also an amateur magician of note from Baltimore. After retiring as a chemist, he worked for the Genealogical Publishing Co., where he was responsible for the compilation of catalogs.

They moved to Baltimore in 1933. In the 1940s, his father did radio shows on magic history and anecdotes.

Heyl was president of the Demons Club (SAM Assembly No. 6) of Baltimore in the 1940s.

He had a column in MUM called "Cues For Collectors" in 1953, which was later compiled and published as a pamphlet.

He was an avid collector, especially of magician tokens and playing cards, and was the editor of The Magic Collector's Association's newsletters, which he was one of the first members. He also wrote for the Journal of the Token and Medal Society.

STANLEY M. COLLINS MEMORIAL AWARD from the The Magic Cauldron (1972)
Conjuring Books 1580 to 1850 (1963)
Cues for Collectors (1964)
Magic In Baltimore By Dr. Henry R. Evans, Linking Ring Page 99, 1949.
Magicol, May 1993