Effective Conjuring - for Home Entertainments and Public Platforms
Will Blyth
E. P. Dutton and Company Inc. Publishers (1928)
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Magic tricks
New York, United States of America  English
Blyth, Will: Effective Conjuring
©1928 E. P. Dutton & Co
Hardcover, 228 pages

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Hardbound, no dust jacket. Pub.by E. P. Dutton in 1928; 224 pp; Bookplate of George L. Boston, and stamped with name of prior owner John Diebold. My magic business card is affixed to the inside front cover, and my name is printed on the foot (bottom) edge, otherwise this copy is in GOOD condition (cloth hinges still attached, but frail).

Item Description:
E. P. Dutton & Co., New York. Hard Cover. Book Condition: Collectible- Good+. Dust Jacket Condition: No Dust Jacket. Will Blyth (illustrator). Early Printing. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. x, 228 pages. A collection of early magic routines by Blyth including The Mystic Circle, Three Blind Mice, The Royal Hunt Mystery and The Elusive Stop among many others. , Blue Cloth Covered Boards.


ix Introduction
1 An Alphabetical Opening
8 Magical Openings
17 The Mystic Circle
26 Combination of Magical Effects
34 Small Details In Magic
37 Three Blind Mice
44 Confederacy
49 Selecting an Assistant
52 The Fairy Ball and Mystic Cylinder
57 The Sympathetic Cubes
64 Magical Secrecy, or Mutenub Winriny
67 The Royal Hunt Mystery
74 Pip, Squeak, and Wilfred
78 Ornate Magic
83 Army or Nave
87 New Effects
97 A B C
101 The Elusive Stop
107 Magical Facilitations
115 Instantaneous Photography
119 Nine-A-Side
124 A Study in Black and White
128 Indestructible Colours
132 A B C Memory Pictures
136 The Chinese Rings
141 The Sliding Die Box
146 Fairyland of Magic
146 - Jack and the Beanstalk
147 - Old Mother Hubbard
149 - Aladdin
150 - Humpty-Dumpty
150 - Jack and Jill
150 - Red Riding Hood
151 - Cinderella
152 - The Magic Carpet
153 Jack and the Beanstalk
161 Humpty-Dumpty
166 Jack and Jill
171 A Match Act
171 - Card to Matchbox
172 - Magical Extinction of Lighted Match
174 - Magical Re-Ignition of Match
174 - Match Vanish
175 - Piano Trick
177 - The Worm That Turned
178 - Pat And His Pigs
185 Paper-Tearing Act:
185 - The Fireman's Story
185 - Christmas Tree
187 - Fire Escape
188 - Firemen
189 - Rescued Lady And Friends
190 - Fire Engine Driving Wheel
192 - Fire Station Gate
193 - Tea Cloth
193 - Flowers From Cone
194 - Star
200 A Phenomenal Memory
206 Little Miss Muffett
210 The Afghan Necklaces
214 The Severed Afghan Necklace
217 An Alphabetical Finale
222 Appendix
222 Magical Apparatus
223 Magical Dealers
223 Magical Societies
224 Magical Journals

Product Details
No. of Pages 228
Height x Width 7.2 x 4.8  inch
Original Title Effective Conjuring
Original Subtitle for Home Entertainments and Public Platforms
Original Publisher Metheun & Co.
Original Country Great Britain
Original Language eng
Original Publication Year 1928
Personal Details
Read It Yes
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf C
Condition Good
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Tags Inside Cover has Bookplate for George L. Boston and a business card for past owner, The Great Wirthlin
Will Blyth
From MagicPedia
Will J. Blyth (1873-1937)

Born in England.

•Blyth's Paper Magic (1920)
•Handkerchief Magic (1922)
•Impromptu Conjuring (1924)
•Money Magic (1926)
•How to Become a Conjurer (1934)

From Bart Whaley's Who's Who in Magic:

Boston, George L.
(Chicago, Illinois: 6 Jan 1905-14 Mar 1975) Aka "George L. Merlin". Inspired in 1915 at age 10 seeing Thurston show & immediately learned from books & then buying tricks from Roterberg's shop. Semi-pro debut in 1916.
Pro stage magician as assistant to Duval Brothers 1924-28, assistant to Birch 1928, assistant to Howard Thurston 1928, stage manager to Harry Thurston 1931-32, assistant to Carter 1933, assistant to Mel-Roy, assistant to Virgil 1937, chief assistant to Will Rock 1938, assistant to Nicola 1938.
A manic-depressive, he was fired by all of the above. Improved after moving to Los Angeles. Assistant to Blackstone on 1943 USO tour. In 1944 switched to mentalism. Associated with Jim Sherman's shop in Chicago in 1945. Worked in Abbott's LA shop since 1948. On original AMA Board of Directors 1962-64.
His good autobio (written with Robert Parrish) is Inside Magic (1947, 224pp). Wrote Super Quiz (25pp). NOTE: Did not invent the Boston Box as assumed by Bobo & copied by Waters.