Fingertip Fantasies
Bob Ostin
Goodliffe (1968)
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Magic tricks
Hardcover B0007K2W90
Great Britain  eng
Ostin, Bob: Fingertip Fantasies
©1968 Goodliffe
©1976 2nd Ed Supreme Magic Co.
Hardcover, w/DJ, 88 pages

Contents: (thanks to Alex Melven)

1 The Sky Hooks Routine
4 The Vanishing Biro
7 A Coin From Two Cards
9 Perfect Penetration
11 Card To Wallet
14 The One Cup, One Ball, One Move Routine
17 The Four In One Routine
21 The Coin On The Pipe Cleaner
23 Name Spelling
25 Copper To Silver
27 Reading Cards Behind Your Back
30 Coin Through Ring
33 The No Load Dice Stack Climax
35 A Novel Penknife Routine
40 The Cigar Tube Mystery
42 The Good Company Penetration
46 The Lie Detector
50 A Routine For The Pencil Through Penny
53 A Clean Finish For The Coins Across
54 The Swivel Up Card To Top
56 Adding A Stack To The Pack
59 The Peg Coin Change
61 Perfection Penetration (Part 2 With Follow Up)
64 The Backward Card Trick
67 My Coin In Bottle Routine
71 Diminishing Cards (Vanish For Last Set)
73 The One-To-Ten Red And Black Mystery
76 Impossible Coin Plates
79 The Travelling Joker
83 The 'Which One' Coin Trick
86 A Sucker Coin Trick

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