Hokus pokus - Coin Tricks
Ib Permin
Sterling Pub. Co (1970)
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Magic tricks
Hardcover 0-8069-4514-1
USA  eng
Permin, IB: Hokus Pokus
©1969 Sterling Pub. Co.
©1970 Sterling Pub. Co.
Hardcover, no dj, 6.5x8.3", 120 pages
ISBN-13: 9780806945149
ISBN-10: 0806945141

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Comments: Beginner's book of magic
Contents (from book ToC, page numbers only for main Chapters):

5 Before You Begin
7 Something About Hokus Pokus
Glass Turning
The Moving Cards
The Eight Rules of Hokus Pokus

9 The Magician's Table and Equipment

11 Hokus Pokkus With a Magic Wand
How to Make a Magic Wand
The Magnetic Wand
More About Magnetic Wands
The Flying Wand
The Growing Wand
The Rubber Wand
Wand Through the Back
From Bag to Bag
The Restless Wand
The Hovering Ring

20 Hokus Pokus With Rope and String
Stretching a Rope
Knots en Masse
A Self-Tying Knot
Cord Healing
The Cut Rope
Another Version of the Cut Rope Trick
More Rope Cutting
A Ring on a String
The Cord in the Tube
The Hovering Bottle

28 Hokus Pokus With Scarves
Producing a Scarf
Pulling Scarves From an Empty Tube
An Easy Way to Produce Scarves
The Magic Cone
The Scarf That Changes Color
Scarves From a Volunteer
Dyeing Scarves in a Newspaper
More About Dyeing Scarves
The Scarf That Ties Its Own Knot
Pulling a Full Glass of Water Out of a Bundle of Scarves
The Burnt Handkerchief
Connected Scarves
The Match In the Handkerchief
Pulling a Scarf From a Candle
May I Borrow Your Handkerchief, Sir?

41 Hokus Pokus With Coins
The Wet Coin
The Sliced Coin
The Coin in the Candle
The Coin and the Cone
The Clinking Coin
The Return of the Coin
Hot Money
Grandpa's Coin Trick
Coin Production
Other Methods of Producing Coins
The Balanced Coin
A Coin Disappears - Without Tricky Fingers
Feel For Yourself
The French Pass
From Hand to Hand
Hats and Flying Coins
Another Version of the Flying Coins
And Yet Another Flying Coin Trick
The Coin in the Chinese Box
The Burnt Coin
Easing a Quarter Through a Dime-Sized Hole

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