Gene Gordon's Magical Legacy
Gordon, Gene
David Ginn (1980)
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Magic tricks
Gordon, Gene: Gene Gordon's Magical Legacy
©1980 Gene Gordon, Pub by David Ginn, A Snowflake Edition
Hardcover, 362 pages

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This 362 page, hardcover book, is a wonderfully entertaining, humorous, informative, and easy-to-read book. As described by publisher, David Ginn, "There are so many enjoyable aspects of this book: Gene's funny stories, his entertaining routines, and the photos - nearly a hundred photos including several rare ones from the early IBM conventions." Gordon was co-founder of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in 1922. Gordon performed in over 10,000 performances while on the road for approximately 20 years!! Gordon also owned and operated his own magic shop for many, many years. Along with Gordon's amusing stories, over 70 wonderful effects, routines and patter are included as well, "from close-up cards to mentalism, from stage effects to children's show material, from laugh-filled gags to side-splitting comedy routines involving audience participation". Book itself is in MINT condition. The unclipped dust jacket is in overall EXCELLENT condition, with only very light rubbing, primarily to the corners and spine ends. Please inspect the pictures to get a good idea of the condition of the item and email me with any specific questions.

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No. of Pages 362
First Edition Yes
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Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf J
Condition Near Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor

7 Foreword

15 Chapter 1 Once Over Sleightly: Remarks & Observations About Magic

23 Chapter 2 Mrs. General Tom Thumb Was My Downfall: My Early Days in Magic

43 Chapter 3 The Eyes of Memory Never Sleep
43 My Grandfather — My Best Audience
44 My First Professional Tour
44 Touring with Hathaway
45 Bronaldo Murray
46 Southern States
47 The Reason I Don't Drink Coffee
48 Black Herman & Two-Ten Daniel
48 Nashville for Christmas
49 Sgt. York & Suva Sells
51 Rajah Raboid
51 Dorny & the Senator
54 My Most Difficult Show
55 The Vanishing Automobile
59 Early Days of the IBM
67 Those First Conventions
69 The Magic Meeting That Surprised Me Most
69 Bob Weill & Piff Paff Poof
72 Ted Annemann
72 Crossing the Canadian Border
74 Frances & Larry Hess
76 The Bill Larsen Family
76 Paul Fox & My Western Tour

79 Chapter 4 Memories of a Magic Shop (1945-1969)
80 The Shop Opens
84 My Boys
88 Retail, Wholesale
92 It Happened At the Shop
96 Ridiculous Rupert
98 Reflections

103 Chapter 5. The Fantasy Island Show: Sixteen Years of Auditioning!

109 Chapter 6 The Curtain Rises
109 My Favorite Opening
110 Opening Remarks
114 Sim Sala Bim

123 Chapter 7. Close-Up With Cards
123 Casual Remarks to Keep Close-Up From Being a Casualty
126 The Hen Fetsch Flip Force
128 The Master Card Control
133 My Favorite Card Prediction
137 The Mystery of the Blackhead Tribe
141 The Spark With a Human Brain
143 Close Encounter of the Card Kind
147 Edwin Hooper's Whooper
149 Blind Date

155 Chapter 8 Do It or Die
155 The Die of Destiny
158 The Paranoidian Pyramid (The Mental Die)
161 The Decoy Die

165 Chapter 9 More Close-Up With Cards
165 Gift Exchange
170 Walt Rollins' Oddzon
173 The Smith Myth
176 Prelulde to the Smith Myth
177 Yes, Sir - Yasir Arafathead's Theory Untheorized (The Chinese Mystery)
180 Poker in Paranoidia
182 Think of a Card (Three Presentations)

191 Chapter 10 Pocket Trickery
191 The Multiplying Rabbits
193 Jumping Gems
195 Six Routines for the Tel-A-Color Cards

199 Chapter 11 Especially for Children
199 Run, Rabbit, Run
201 The Girl With the Snake-Skin Jacket (Trevor's Telescope)
203 The Bewitching Witch
205 The Missing Whistle
206 The Snake in the Basket

211 Chapter 12 Stage Magic
211 The Chinese Sticks
213 The Hen Fetsch Master Rope Routine
214 Neil Foster's Center Tear
215 The Squeeze-Away Block
218 The Professor's Nightmare
221 More Patter for Professor's Nightmare
221 The Magician's Nightmare
226 A Stand-Up Introduction for a Stand-Out Performer
228 My Chapeaugraphy Routine
231 Sword Though Neck
236 My Linking Rings

245 Chapter 13 Cards on Stage
245 Card in Balloon
246 Jumbo Find the Lady
250 The Card Spider
253 This Life is Just a Game of Cards
255 Ten & Ten

263 Chapter 14 Audience Participation For Sure!
263 My Favorite Comedy Mindreading Act
266 A Hat, A Parasol, A Bouquet and More Flowers
269 The Coin Pail
272 The Dizzy Dollar
280 The Linking Ropes
282 The Wiz Quiz

293 Chapter 15 Cases of Mental Telepathy...Ond Other World Voices
293 The Voice From Outer Space
305 The Mental Miracle
307 The Sucidal Soliloquy of a Sorcerer

313 Chapter 16 Friends to the Rescue
313 The Clock Card Trick Location
316 George Harry Tutter's Memory Act
319 Solomon-Gordon Word Association List
320 Winston Freer's Number Thing
323 Joseph White's Linking Ropes

329 Chapter 17 Lingo for Legerdemainiacs: Gags, Ad Libs & Remarks for the Magician

337 Chapter 18 A Handful of Hodge, a Pinch of Podge
337 Gold Star Gag
337 The Jumping Dollar
338 The Vanishing Bird Cage
338 Balloon Test
339 Quite a Show
339 Chair Gags
339 Friendly Advice
341 Children's Shows
343 Incomparable
344 The Gordon Code
345 Sawing Gags
347 Color Changing Silk and Coloring Book
347 Growing Old

349 Chapter 19 Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?
349 George Peek & Lansden Beaty
350 Laurie Ireland, Frances & Jay Marshall
351 Dick Cavett
353 Karrell Fox
354 Morgan Howard
354 Buddy Farnan
356 Lester Luke
357 Rugh Harrison

359 Chapter 20 And Now Goodbye
359 The Winding Road
360 Obituary
362 Last Words of My Magical Legacy