Ventriloquism: Magic With Your Voice - Magic with Your Voice
George Schindler; Tricomi, Ed
David McKay Co (1979)
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Hardcover 0679208070
USA  eng
Schindler, George: Ventriloquism - Magic With Your Voice
©1979 George Schindler, David McKay Company, Inc., NY
Hardcover, 150 pages
ISBN-13: 9780679208075
ISBN-10: 0679208070

©1982 First Paperback edition
Schindler: Ventriloquism Magic With Your Voice


Contents (from book ToC):
1 Foreword 1

4 Chapter 1 Ventriloquism
What Is It?
When Did Ventriloquism Begin?
Photo Gallery I

16 Chapter 2 Basic Techniques
How We Produce Sound
Take a Deep Breath
Put on a Happy Pace
Change Your Voice
Vent Alphabet

29 Chapter 3 Substitute Sounds
Letter W
Letter F
Alternate F Sound
Letter V
Alternate V Sound
Letter M
Letter B
Letter P

44 Chapter 4 Choosing Your Partner
Ventriloquial Figures
Moving the Mouth
Mechanical Movements
Taking Cure of Your Figure

54 Chapter 5 Animation

61 Chapter 6 Anything Can Talk
Using Puppets
Other Puppet Ideas

70 Chapter 7 Ventriloquial Novelties

76 Chapter 8 The Distant Voice

81 Chapter 9 The Muffled Voice

83 Chapter 10 The Telephone Voice
A Phone Routine

86 Chapter 11 Tricks Of The Trade

92 Chapter 12 Putting Your Act Together
Selecting Material
Writing Your Own Material
Routining And Tinting

108 Chapter 13 Selling The Act

118 Chapter 14 Comedy Material
Opening Lines
Lines for Hecklers
Songs and Poems
Double Gags

125 Chapter 15 Short Scripts
The Baby-Sitter
Nursery Rhymes
Moving Day
Spanish Astronaut
Safety Script - Cross at the Green
Talking Crow
An Interview

142 Chapter 16 Photo Gallery 2

149 Bibliography

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