Bill Severn's Complete Book Of Magic
Bill Severn
Galahad Books (1995)
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Magic tricks
Hardcover 0-88365-898-4
USA  English
Severn, Bill: Bill Severn's Complete Book of Magic
©1995 Bill Severn, Galahad Books, NJ
Hardcover, w/dj, 500 pages
ISBN-13: 9780883658987
ISBN-10: 0883658984

Comments: Previously published as three separate volumes: Magic In Mind (1974), Magic Money (1977), and Magic With Rope, Ribbon & String (1982). Illustrated by Katherine Wood, Elizabeth Green, and John Garcia.


5 Magic In Mind

5 Chapter 1 The Mental Magician

13 Chapter 2 Extrasensory Deceptions
13 Symbolic Sight
19 Two Out Of Three Isn’t Bad
24 What’s Your Bag?
30 The Head And Tail Of It
36 Puzzle Me This

43 Chapter 3The Mind Controls
43 The Dice Of No Chance
47 Do As I Think
53 Spy Hunt
58 Mix-Matched Socks

65 Chapter 4 From Mind To Mind
65 Telepathy For One
69 Needle In A Mental Haystack
74 What’s In The News?
79 First The Answer — Then The Problem
84 A Walk Through The Yellow Pages
89 The Silent Commercial
93 Telepathy A La Carte

99 Chapter 5 Mental Visions
99 Toll The Hour
105 Psychic Fingerprints
109 The Bagged Bill
114 Crystal Vision
120 Comic Strip Clairvoyance
127 Double Image

133 Chapter 6 I Predict
144 Some Predictions Do Come True
138 Symbolic Choice
143 To The Highest Bidder
150 Weather Forecast

159 Magic Money

159 Introduction
163 Chapter 1 Hand Magic With Coins
163 What Is Sleight of Hand
165 Practice and Rehearsal
166 What Coins to Use
166 The Finger-Palm
168 Pick-up Vanish
170 Drop Vanish
171 The Thumb-Palm
173 Simple Thumb-Palm Vanish
174 Thumb-Palm Throw
175 Fingertip Vanish
177 Fingertip Production
177 Thumb-Palm Drop
178 Pushes, Pivots and Drops
180 Fingertip Push
181 The Push Vanish
183 The Pivot Vanish
184 Fingertip Drop
186 Switches and False Counts
186 Finger-Palm Switch
189 Thumb-Palm Switch
190 The Glass Switch
192 Visible Fingertip Switch
193 Thumb-Palm False Count
196 Finger-Palm False Count
197 Chapter 2 Do-Anywhere Tricks With Coins And Bills
197 Up One Sleeve and Down the Other
201 Cash Offer
203 Breaking a Half into Quarters
206 The Flip Side
211 One Hundred and Two
213 The Straphanger
216 Money in Mind
221 One and One Make Three
226 Winner Take All
232 Chapter 3 Novel Money Magic
232 Topsy-Turvy
238 Comedy Cut Bill
242 In the Red
246 The Traveling Millionaire
253 The Money Spell
258 How to Stretch a Dollar
264 Chapter 4 Showtime Tricks With Money
264 Penetrating Coins and Purse
269 The Contrary Coins
274 The Unborrowed Coin in the Ball of Wool
281 Catching Coins from the Air
290 Hush Money
295 Rainbow Repeat Bills
311 Magic With Rope, Ribbon & String

311 Introduction
317 Chapter 1 Suddenly A Rope
317 Clap Hands!
320 Overhead Ribbon Production
325 Signs of Magic
330 Instant Rope
334 Circle Around a Ribbon
338 The Rope that Wasn’t There
345 Chapter 2 Tricky Knots
345 Basic Tricky-Knot Routine
350 The Snap Knot 348 Fake Square Knot
353 Instant Knot
355 Instant Bow Knot
356 Fake Overhand Knot
358 Instant One-Hand Knot
360 The Impossible Knot
364 Two More with One Hand
364 Simplicity One-Hand Knot
366 Loop-Around One-Hand Knot
368 A Spectacle of Knots
369 The One-Hand Ring Hitch
372 A Pair of Spectacles
372 Two Knots from One
373 Knot a Rope and Catch a Ribbon
378 Triple Flying Knots
385 Chapter 3 Penetrations
385 Coffee, Tea or Magic
390 At the Spectator’s Command
395 Off-Again, On-Again Ring and String
401 Disco Magic
407 Lightning Ring on Rope
410 Comedy Soap and Rope
415 With a Loop of String
417 Through the Thumb
419 Through the Hand
422 Through the Wrist
425 Chapter 4 Cut And Restored
425 Impromptu Repeat Cut Routine
427 End to End
432 Cut and Trim
438 Ring a String
444 Toss and Cut
449 Double Double
455 Chapter 5 Long And Short
455 Lightning Stretch
460 Ribbon Stretch
465 Great Grandma’s Magic Thimble
472 Odd-Even Ropes Routine
483 Chapter 6 Acrobatics
483 The Rope that Flies Wild
487 The Ring that Falls Up
492 Spooky Acrobatic Knots
495 Self-Untying Bow Knot
495 Self-Untying Overhand
499 Topsy-Turvy Rope

Amaze and amuse friends and family with these hundreds of tricks, all presented by a master magician. Ranging from basics for beginners to more sophisticated illusions, this magical compendium covers everything from sleight of hand with ropes, ribbons, and strings to mind-boggling adventures in mind-reading. Most require little or no equipment--just minor props and a little preparation. And more than 350 detailed line drawings provide a close-up view of every move you need to make. Perform some quick switches with coins and dollar bills. Stun everyone by predicting what the highest bid will be on a gift package you've auctioned off. Tie an "impossible knot." It's loads of fun for you and your audience.
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LoC Classification 9506 BOOK NOT YET IN LC
Edition First Galahad Edition
No. of Pages 507
First Edition Yes
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Read It No
Location Magic Library (Home) Shelf Top
Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Bill Severn

Born: William Irving Severn
May 11, 1914
Brooklyn, New York

Died: May 8, 1992 (age 77)
Lee, Massachusetts

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Bill Severn (1914-1992) was a journalist and professional club act magician specializing in cigarettes and silks. [1][2]


Severn worked for Associated Press as a radio news editor starting in 1941 and was long-time magic columnist for Boys' Life magazine.
Severn wrote more than 50 books for children and 25 on magic.[3]


Magic Wherever You Are (1957)
Shadow Magic (1959)
Magic in Your Pocket (1965)
Magic Across The Table (1972)
Bill Severn's Big Book of Magic (1973)
Magic in Mind: Mental Magic Tricks (1974)
Bill Severn's Magic Workshop (1976)
Bill Severn's Guide to Magic as a Hobby (1979)
More Magic In Your Pockets (1980)
Bill Severn's Impromptu Magic (1982)
Magic with Rope, Ribbon and String (1982)
Magic Fun for Everyone (1986)
Bill Severn's Amazing Magic (1992)
Magic with Paper
Magic Shows You Can Give
Packs of Fun
Magic Comedy
Bill Severn's Magic Trunk (a reissuing of Magic with Paper, Magic Shows You Can Give, Magic Comedy, and Magic in Your Pockets)
Magic with Coins and Bills
Bill Severn's Big Book of Close-Up Magic
Bill Severn's Best Magic
50 Ways to Have Fun with Newspaper


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