Charles Carrer
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"Charles Carrer", The DeLuxe Trickster... dated 1948...

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Charles Carrer


Karl Karrer
October 12, 1898
Zurich, Switzerland

December 25, 1971 (age 73)

Charles Carrer (October 12, 1898 -December 25, 1971) born in Zurich, Switzerland as Karl Karrer who became a successful juggler and husband of famed female magician Dell O'Dell.

Suffering from eyestrain, Carrer took up juggling as a way to strengthen his eye muscles. He was billed as "The Swiss Juggler" and "The King of Jugglers". He went on to star on vaudeville and appeared in two feature films, "Du Barry Did All Right" (appearing as a waiter who juggles wine glasses and bottles) and "Dexterity", both in 1937.

Carrer was also a skilled builder and made most of the magical apparatus for his wife as well as managed her shows. He appeared on the TV show "You Asked For It" and contributed to Max Holden's book Manual of Juggling (1947)

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