One Hundred By Warlock
Warlock, Elizabeth
Kaufman and Company (2005)
In Collection
Magic tricks
USA  eng
Warlock, Elizabeth: One Hundred by Warlock
©2005 Elizabeth Warlock; Kaufman and Company
Hardcover, no dj, 205 pages

Comments: Illustrated by Dennis Patten. Edited by Matthew Field.

Contents (from book ToC, some page numbers estimated):

iv Acknowledgements
xi Foreword
xiii Introduction
xv Peter Warlock - A Man of His Time

1 The Tricks
1 After Mrs. Cranson
3 A Look at Pseudo Psychometry
5 Antoerh Look at Cloud Eight
7 A Stitch in Time
8 Atomic Silk
9 Beakers
11 Chain Reaction
14 Colour Sense of the Coins
15 Cut Throat
17 Cut Throat 2
18 D-I-A-B-O-L-O
20 Diabolo's Card in the Crystal
22 Diabolo's séance
25 Down In the Meadow
27 Exercise
29 Eye-Popper Aces
30 Final Choice
33 Finesse
35 Fishing
37 Five Thoughts Ahead
39 Happy Birthday
41 Hemlock
43 High Camp Rescue
45 Impossible Prediction
47 Jest of Gratoulet
49 Jumping Pips
50 Little Stranger
52 Long Ago and Far Away
53 Match
55 Matchit
56 Matter Through Matter
58 May I Borrow a Book?
60 Mirror Thought
62 Mirror Thought The Second
63 My Billet Switch
64 The Non-Sleight Follow the Leader
68 Oldie Revisited
69 One Ring, Two Cords
70 Pagan Papers
71 Parlor Hofzinser
74 Parti-Piece the Second
75 Platform Keys
79 Precogspeller Junior
81 Precog Speller 1980
82 Prespero, Two and Three
83 Psychokinesis
85 Psychonisesis
86 Remember Me, Rhinegold
90 Rescue to Rescue
92 Return of the Stranger
94 Ribbon Epic
96 Ribbon Flash
98 Rings Away
101 Roads of Destiny
103 Sandwich Spread
105 Selling the Magic Square
107 Silk Filter
109 Silkworm
111 Simplicity Two Person Prediction
112 Small, Medium and Large
116 "Slate"
118 Still Five Thoughts Ahead
121 Symcoin
124 Sympathetico
125 Technicolour Follow the Leaders
129 Tele-coincide
132 Telekinesis
135 Telepertation
138 Thanks to Stewart James
140 The Cardboard Prisoner
142 The Case of the Mental Rescue
144 The Devil's Die
146 The Dexter Syndrome
148 The Kiss of a Bonja
150 The Loughborough Caper
152 The Magic Draughtsman
154 The Miracle Slate
157 The New Mind Out of Time
159 The Notebook in the Case
161 The Patient Telepath
164 The Pecking Bird
166 The Quirk
168 The Reason
170 The Ring Express
173 The Soft Ring
175 The Taped Slate
178 The Tubes of Graboules
180 Thimblekin
181 30th Century Prophecy
184 Thoughts Are Yours
186 Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue
188 Triangle of Thought
190 Trigon Nine
192 Trigon Two
195 Triple Indemnity
197 Truly Pseudo-Psycometry
199 Vulcan
201 Walking Sticks
203 What's In a Dead Name
205 Words End

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No. of Pages 205
First Edition Yes
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Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Peter Warlock (born Alec William Bell), was a semi professional magician and publisher of "Pentagram" 1946-1959, "new Pentagram" 1969-1989. In 1952, he was awarded the IBM's British Ring Shield. His magician daughter, Elizabeth (see above) won the award in 1953.
Invented: Self Contained Milk Pitcher, Ringcord, Out of the Loop, Giant Size Triple Tubes, Silk Filter, Adhesive Glass, Cream of the Jest, Atomic Silk, Ring and Rope Release, PW Slip Cut
Wrote: Patterns for Psychics (c 1940), Bautier de Kolta Genius of Illusion, P.T. Selbit A Magical Innovator (with Eric Lewis), The Best Tricks With Slates (1942), A Haunting We Will Go, or Edison’s Box, The Complete Book of Magic, Walter Jeans, Illusioneer (1986) (with Eric Lewis)


Daughter of magician Peter Warlock (see below), Elizabeth was the youngest magician to win the IBM's British Ring Shield (1953) and also was the first woman to do so. In 2002, she won the David Berglas Award from the British Magical Society, once again, the first woman to receive the award.
Invented: Link Later (described in The Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks), Anti-Gravity Glasses
Wrote: One Hundred by Warlock (describing the magic and routines of her father, Peter Warlock) (2005), articles in Magic, The Magazine For Magicians , The Linking Ring, and Genii, among others.