Easy Build Illusions
Osborne, Paul
Illusion Systems Publishing (2001)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Osborne, Paul: Easy Build Illusions
©2001 Paul Osborne, Illusion Systems, Dallas, TX
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 63 pages


Contents (from book):

i Preface (Paul Osborne)
ii Dedication

1 Fall Apart Box
3 Corporate Events: essay
4 Pass By Panels
5 Fast Make Sub Trunk
7 Working With Cardboard
8 Tom's Lift Off
9 The Mummy Returns
11 The King of Clubs
12 Victory Carton Illusions: victory girl production
15 In and Out Boxes
17 Fast Make Tip Over Trunk
19 Blueprinted!
21 Arabian Tent and Haunted House
24 Haunted House Switch
25 Bingo Bango
27 Someone From Nowhere
29 At the Beach
31 The Shadow of Life

33 Illusion Planning
38 Introduction
39 Dedication
40 1st Thoughts
42 Flow
46 Know Thyself
48 Birthing
50 Conditions
55 Rehearsal
57 Crating
60 Livestock
63 Finally

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Osborne, Paul
(1948 - )
American magician and illusion designer from the age of eight. Inventor of scores of illusions, especially designed for amusement park stages. Owner of Illusion Systems in Dallas, Texas.
Wrote: Begin To Build Your Own Illusions, Volumes 1 - IV, plus over 350 Illusion Plans and descriptions and modifications.