Pick-Pocket Stunts
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Grant, U.F.: Pick-Pocket Stunts
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Grant, U. F.

Ulysses Frederick Grant was a magic dealer in New York City between 1925-1939 and later in Columbus, Ohio until his death in 1978. In 1944, he was joined by magic maker R.N. Menge, who added many of his own inventions to the Grant line. Inventions to which both Grant and Menge contributed were usually labled as being from "G. & M." such as the G & M Suspension Board, the G & M Passe Passe Bottles, and so on. They parted ways and became rivals about 1945. In 1964, Grant's daughter Mary Anne married Jimmy King, who collaborated with Grant on producing his own new magic effects. King eventually took over the company, renaming it Mak Magic.
Grant was a prolific inventor: The Farmer and the Witch (c 1935), Walking thru a Ribbon (c 1937), Alagen Rope (with Winston Freer c 1939), Super-X Levitation (c 1942), Temple Screen (c 1945), Devil's Newspaper (c 1948), Chink Cans (c 1949), Pig Turns 'round (c 1952), Bengal Net (1953), Cow Trick (c 1955), Chen-Lee Water Suspension (c 1962), Strat-o-Spheres (c 1962), and Candle-Lite (c 1963). Also: Bullet Proof Girl, Mystery of the Temple Jewels, Head Dagger Ches, Any Card Called For Napkin, Atomic Vision, Ball Box (Die Box), Brillant Ring Box, Ment A Flex. Many of his silk magic inventuions are described in Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic and his rope magic inventions in the Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks.

Wrote: Tricks for Kid Shows, Victory Carton Illusions, 25 One Man Mind Reading Secrets, Secrets, G&M Magic Course (with R.N. Menge)
Thanks to Mark Damon for tracking down additional information and the photo of Grant at the right from The Linking Ring