25 Amazing Magic Tricks with a Scotch & Soda or Dime & Penny
Simmons, Ken
Fun Incorporated (2002)
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Simmons, Ken: Amazing Magic With a Scotch & Soda or Dime & Penny
©1995 Hampton Ridge Magic Creations Inc. (first printing 1982)
(Currently produced by Fun, Incorporated)
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 30 pages

Comments: with additions by David Suit. No illustrations. Routines for Scotch & Soda coin gimmick or locking Dime & Penny. Note that some Scotch & Soda gimmicks come with English Pennies instead of Mexican Centavos. Good introduction to ideas with this popular effect.


7 Preface (Ken Simmons): thanks and introductory remarks
9 The Coin Sets: Scotch & Soda, Dime & Penny
9 How to Use this Book With a Dime & Penny Set
10 Things to Remember: tips
10 How to Tighten the Coin: for Scotch & Soda; for Dime and Penny
11 The Classic Palm: described
11 The Finger Palm: described
11 The Thumb Palm: described
12 A Basic Vanish: in the spectator's hand
13 Fadaway Coin: centavo is removed from the hand that holds both coins and "rubbed" away
13 Fadeaway Follow Up: a vanish for the half
14 The TeeTotaler Coin: a borrowed coin rises out of a glass of beer
15 Invisible Flight: a simple single coin across in the performer's hands
16 Invisible Flight II: an improved version of the above
17 Watch! Centavo vanishes and appears under the performer's watch
18 Coin Thru the Table: selected coin travels through the table
19 Visible Coin Thru Table: under a clear glass
20 More Ideas for Easy Effects: Coin through object; Vanish under an object; Change one coin to another; Coin penetration
21 Intermediate Difficulty
21 Coin Flight: Centavo vanishes and appears in deck of cards next to selection
22 Instant Location (Ed Andres): similar to above
23 Hand Penetration: Spectator places one hand below and one hand above magician's. Two coins are rubbed together on top of the spectator's upper hand, and one penetrates the upper two hands, dropping into the spectator's lower hand.
24 Double Transition: A card is placed on the table with a half dollar on top. A Centavo vanishes from the performer's hand, and is found under the card. The half and Centavo are rubbed on top of the card and the Centavo again vanishes, to be found back in the performer's hand
26 Rapid Transit (Jerry Stoll): Copper and silver coin placed in a clear drinking glass. Another glass is held up, and the copper coin vanishes from the first glass to arrive visibly and audibly in the 2nd glass
27 The Flash Silver and Copper (Gerald Bruning - Bruno) Copper and silver are wrapped in paper, which is lit. The copper coin vanishes to appear under the ashtray
28 Jimmy Valentine Picks a Lock (Stewart James): a copper and silver coin are wrapped in a handkerchief and the ends pulled through a small padlock. The selected coin is removed.
29 Where Did It Go? Ideas for "finding" the vanished copper coin
30 Suggested Reading: Simmons Complete Book of Scotch & Soda; Bobo New Modern Coin Magic; Roth Expert Coin Magic; Kaufman Coin Magic.
30 Suggested Videos: Hampton Ridge Amazing Magic Tricks with Money; L&L Publishing Easy to Master Money Miracles; A-1 Multimedia David Roth's Expert Coin Magic



This 30 page booklet is packed full of information and routines using either the Scotch and Soda or Dime and Penny. Included is useful information on the coin sets themselves, their care and maintenance. Also described are three easy palming methods for these outstanding magical props! Once the basics have been covered, 18 incredible routines are presented with detailed descriptions. Learn such incredible routines as: The Teetotaler Coin, Coin Flight, Instant Location, Rapid Transit, Invisible Flight and others! Don't limit yourself to the basic uses of these fabulous magical props. Use the ideas in this booklet to reach your full potential with these outstanding coin effects!

This terrific book teaches you spectacular magic tricks using some of the most ingenious magical coins ever devised...Scotch & Soda or Dime & Penny. You'll learn how to use these coins to perform incredible feats which make you look like a professional sleight-of-hand artist in just minutes!
•Vanish a coin from a spectator's hand
•Cause two coins to fade away into thin air visibly one at a time
•Make a coin travel from one hand to the other
•Vanish a coin and magically make it re-appear right next to a selected card in the deck
•Push coins through any solid table top
•And much, much more

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