Magicians Association of Eastern States - 40th Anniversary Badge/Emblem
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Memorbilia, Ephemera 
Magicians Association of Eastern States- 40th Anniversary Badge/Emblem,

sponsored by I.B.M. Ring #20...

Obverse shows; "what is pictured",
Reverse is "adhesive tape"...

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Magician Alliance of Eastern States

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Magician Alliance of Eastern States (MAES):

is a Magic Organization that traces its origin back to the year 1938 as an outgrowth of the Keystone State Federation of IBM Rings, which held conventions during the 1930s. The last Keystone State Federation convention was held in 1938 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

The first president of MAES was Charles (Colta) Jones.

The only requisite for membership is an interest in magic and belonging to another existing magic club. MAES has had in the vicinity of twelve hundred or more members, but there are a number of regulars and semi-regulars who make it a very compact organization.[1]


MAES had its first convention in 1940 in Hershey Pennsylvania. They continue to this day, usually held during the month of September each year.

It has been held in at least 15 cities. Each city requires a sponsoring club willing to take over the responsibilities of holding the convention. A few times in recent years the Executive Committee has taken over the sponsoring due to lack of bids.

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