The Klutz Book of Magic (Klutz)
John Cassidy
Klutz (1989)
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Magic tricks
Spiral-bound 0932592708
USA  English
Cassidy,John & Stroud, Michael: The Klutz Book of Magic (Klutz)
©1989 Klutz
Spiral-bound, 94 pages
ISBN-13: 9780932592705
ISBN-10: 0932592708

It’s difficult to be modest about this book and so we will just give up and brag without apology or remorse. According to the standard reference, there are 269 non-fiction books in print on the subject of magic. That’s a big list, but if you were to ask which is the most popular (here comes the bragging part) that would be ours - The Klutz Book of Magic, over 1 million sold. Although The Klutz Book of Magic is a beginner’s volume, it is not filled with beginner magic. Maybe that’s the secret of its success. This is real magic and these are real tricks, the kind you’re not supposed to give away. We had to fight to get them and you, gentle reader, will have to take the Magician’s Won’t-tell Oath on the first page or we won’t let you in the book. The new edition contains all the original material, the same "sorry-we-can’t -talk-about-them-here" props, plus three new tricks and a completely refreshed and contemporary look. The whole package is just a little more amazing. Comes With: silk scarf, chrome ring, nylon string and 2 top secret props.
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No. of Pages 94
Original Publication Year 1989
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Condition Very Good
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