Magic and Showmanship: A Handbook for Conjurers - A Handbook for Conjurers
Henning Nelms
Dover Pubns (1980)
In Collection
Magic tricks - Theory
Paperback 048622337X
USA  eng
Nelms, Henning: Magic and Showmanship, A Handbook for Conjurers
©1969 Henning Nelms,
©1980 reprint, Dover Publications
©2000 reprint, Dover Publications
Paperback, 320 pages
ISBN 0-486-41087-0

Comments: A rare book almost entirely on the presentation of magic! Includes some tricks dispersed through the book for use as examples.

Contents: Chapter level only at this time.

1 Chapter 1 The Two Magics: tricks vs. illusions
19 Chapter 2 Deception vs. Conviction: developing suspension of belief
36 Chapter 3 The Measure of Meaning: magic and themes
50 Chapter 4 Who?: the conjuror's personality
63 Chapter 5 Making the Most of Assistants: making them significant
76 Chapter 6 Casting the Spell: creating the right atmosphere
89 Chapter 7 Mystery Without Magic: leveraging the edge of belief
101 Chapter 8 Providing the Proof: proving the phenomenon expressed by the magic
116 Chapter 9 Devices for Deception: "the art of illusion starts where the devices leave off"
130 Chapter 10 The Great Secret: work as if the theme were all true
141 Chapter 11 Eliminating Departures: getting rid of inconsistencies in your act
152 Chapter 12 Consistency In Characterization: make sure all your actions are consistent with your character
168 Chapter 13 Concealing Devices: surprise, etc.
178 Chapter 14 Controlling Attention: direction and misdirection
196 Chapter 15 Misdirection: taking attention away from an area
208 Chapter 16 Devising Illusions: effect, device, props, etc.
221 Chapter 17 Dramatic Structure: building structure in your routines
234 Chapter 18 Continuity: providing a clear picture of your routine
252 Chapter 19 Material for Entertainment: making a trick entertaining
265 Chapter 20 Words: thoughts on Patter
278 Chapter 21 Business: adding atmosphere, characterization, clarity, comedy, and drama
295 Chapter 22 The Performer and the Stage: positioning yourself and assistants on the stage
315 Routines: suggested
317 Index

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Highly instructive book by a noted authority on the subject analyzes every phase of conjuring, from sleights, devices, misdirection, and controlling audience attention to incorporating patter and the effective use of assistants. Provides recommendations on the use of body language, posture, positioning, and movement. 60 original routines — from simple card tricks to major illusions