Ingenious Tips Aand Secrets For The Kid's Show Magician
ZeTuer, Professor
Self published (2002)
In Collection
Magic tricks
USA  eng
ZeTuer, Professor: Ingenious Tips, Tricks and Secrets for the Kid’s Show Magician
©2002 Professor ZeTuer
Softcover, 8.5x11", 36 pages

Comments: Available from, also as an e-book. This covers ideas and tips for performing for kid’s and how to engage and keep control of this audience.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Basics of Performing for Kids
2 Entertainment
3 Audience Involvement
4 Use of Assistants
5 Hand-Outs
6 Humor
7 The Running Gag
8 Other Gags
9 The Magician Fouls-Up
10 Relating to Children
11 Creation of your Program
12 Kid Appeal
13 Size of Audience
14 Cost of props
15 Can the Prop be Made
16 Can I Buy Used Props?
17 Is Livestock needed?
18 Ease-of-Performance
19 Ease-of-Set-up
20 Size and weight of props
21 Age Range of Audience
22 Taking Inventory
23 Buying Magic
24 Creating Fun and Funny Business
25 Use of Sucker Tricks
26 Magic Word
27 Stories
28 Time Waster Ideas and Fun
29 Working with Livestock
30 Creating a Show Theme or Glue
31 Use of Music
32 Your Costume or Dress
33 Creating Applause
34 Use of Puppets
35 Execution of Your Program
36 Organizing your Stuff
37 Show Planning
38 Repeat Customers
39 Notice Your Surroundings
40 Crowd Control
41 Working Surrounded
42 The Beginning
43 The Middle
44 Dealing with Difficult Kids
45 Take Control
46 Keep the Audience Engaged
47 The Audible Cue
48 Taking Care of Your Props
49 Performing on Stage
50 Microphone
51 Using the Entire Stage
52 Tables and Props
53 Volunteers
54 Sample Show Flow

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No. of Pages 36
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Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor