Gold Mine In Kid's Magic - Booking Business and Promoting Yourself
ZeTuer, Professor
Self published (2002)
In Collection
Magic tricks
USA  eng
ZeTuer, Professor: Gold Mine in Kid’s Magic - Booking Business and Promoting Yourself
©2002 Professor ZeTuer
Softcover, 8.5x11", 23 pages

Comments: Available from MagicGizmo, also as an e-book. This book covers the business side of kid’s magic including how to determine your price, promote yourself, and get bookings. It includes many low cost and no cost ways to promote that you are in the business of entertaining children.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Business End - Getting Booked
2 Selling Yourself
3 Communicating what you Offer
4 Projecting the Professional Image – Getting Started
5 Your First Shows
6 Public Library
7 Charity Events
8 Get References and Testimonials
9 Length of Your Show
10 Age of the Children
11 Identifying your Service
12 Pricing
13 Factors for Setting your Price
14 Analyze your Competition
15 Create your Price List
16 Remember your Customer’s Needs
17 Business Cards
18 Flyers
19 Kid’s Sporting Events and Parks
20 The Community Center
21 Public Library
22 Always Keep a Supply on Hand
23 Ideas for Your Flyer
24 Classified Advertising
25 Writing your Ad Copy
26 Sample Classified Ad
27 Newspapers
28 Magazines
29 Web Site
30 Yellow Pages
31 Database
32 Bring your Camera
33 Mailings
34 The Telephone
35 Assistant Awards
36 Publicity
37 Birthday Planning Guide
38 Your Phone Number
39 Home Phone
40 Answering Machines and your Outgoing Message
41 Dedicated Business Line
42 Wireless Phone Number
43 Answering Service
44 Call Forwarding
45 The Phone Call
46 Become a Booking Agent
47 Referrals

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