Thread Reference
Behnke, Leo
Magic City Publishing (1992)
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Magic tricks
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Behnke, Leo: Thread Reference
©1992 Magic City
Paper; Stapled; 45 pages

1st of 2 copies

Comment (Joe Pecore): Note: This one is NOT part of the Magic City Library Volumes! A good cheap introductory book if you've never done anything with Invisible Thread before.

Contents (note: numbers are not page numbers)

1 Chapter I - a little background
1 The Materials: Surgical Thread, Monofilimant, Hair, Nylon, Elastic Thread, Loops, Coloring, Was Tape and Plastic
2 Hook-ups
3 Personal
4 On a Prop
5 Holders

6 Chapter II - Some Close-up Tricks
6 Wisenheimer Variation: A dime is placed on the table and is covered by a playing card. A second card is put on top of the first crosswise and a penny is then pu on top o all. The upper card and coin are moved to one side and when the spectator lifts the card covering the dime, it is gone and found under the second card
7 Variation of a Variation: Same as Wisenheimer but dime vanishes completely
8 Stand-up bill: A bill stands up
9 A Stand-up Card: You guessed it. A card stands up
10 The Knife Spread: A knife mysterically turns to find a selected card in a spread.
11 Rising Ice: A Ice cube rises out of a glass
12 The Chase: A Finger ring moves around the table
13 Haunted Deck: The classic
14 The Rising Card: Another classic
15 British Brilliancy: A clean-up for a Vanishing stack of Quarters

16 A short Bibliography

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