More Collected Writings of Glenn Gravatt
Gravatt, Glenn
Magic Limited (1982)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Gravatt, Glenn: More Collected Writings of Glenn Gravatt
©1982 Magic Limited, Oakland, CA
Hardcover, 115 pages


1 Tricks With Balls
1 Handkerchief, Ball and Glass
2 Climbing and Jumping Ball
3 Color Blind Magician
4 New Floating Ball

5 Tricks With Blocks and Cubes
5 ESP Cube
7 Mystery of the Six Blocks
7 Mental Blocks
9 Five Cube Divination
10 Crystal Tube & Patriotic Blocks
11 Color Cube Coincidence
12 Crystal Box & Color Cube
13 Block Transposition - Sucker Explanation

14 Tricks With Cards
14 Odd Card Surprise
15 Mind Reading Perfected
17 Two Dice & Four Aces
18 Double Match
19 Double Coincidence
20 Triple Surprise
21 Double Faced Duo
22 Self Working Poker Deal
23 Dots the Card

24 Tricks With Coins
24 Three Coin Divination
25 Follow the Leader Coins
26 Coin & Cup Divination
27 Belshaw Coin Vanish
28 Three Coins
29 Coin Separator
30 Quarter Quackery

31 Feats of Divination
31 No Clue Divination
33 Three Chip Divination
34 Silk in a Sack
35 Crystal Ball Divination
36 Color Divination
37 Cigarette Divination
38 Color Button
38 Three Card Monte in Reverse

39 Tricks With Dice and Dominoes
39 The Die Knows
40 Bewildering Die Mystery
42 Poker Chip & Die Divination
44 Die & Sealed Envelope Mystery
46 Domino Deception
47 Die Spot Transference

48 Mental Feats
48 Threefold Coincidence
50 Quintiple Coincidence
51 Sealed Envelope Mystery
53 The Envelope, Please
54 Just Picture This
55 Just Picture This 2
56 Word Miracle
58 Color Spot Mystery
59 Psychic Spots
60 Wordo, Expanded
61 Ten City Tantalizer
63 Ten City Tantalizer - Stumpf Version

63 Miscellaneous Tricks
63 Magnetic Spools of Thread
65 Ring Flight
66 Color Changing Cards
67 Confusing Color Cards
69 Wonderful Handkerchief
70 My Magnetic Cane
72 Spots Before Your Eyes
73 Four Object Assembly, Supreme
75 The Jumping Flea
76 Magic Whiskey Glass
77 String a Ring
77 Cigarette in Egg
78 Thimble Surprise
78 Invisible Glass
79 Paper Cup Puzzle

80 Penetrations
80 Thumb Penetration
81 Penetrative Pencil
82 Penetrated Poker Chip
83 Penetration Puzzle
84 Game Chip & Card Penetration
85 Paper Cup, Crystal Tube & Game Chip

87 Rope or String Tricks
87 My Favorite Rope & Ring
89 String Loops Entwined
90 Penetrating Card & Shoelace
91 Joining the Colors
92 Initialed Tag & Shoestring
94 String a Color
95 Visible Rope & Ring Penetration
96 Ring a String
97 Visible Ring Off Rpe

99 Tricks With Silks
99 Serpent Silk
100 Animated Silk
101 Visible Silk Appearance
102 Back in Place
103 Completing the Colors
104 Silk & Crystal Boxes
105 Flash Silk Appearance
106 Visible Silk Transposition
108 Silk Trio Penetration
109 Color Transference
110 Silks From Folder
111 Silk & Glass Production

113 Odds & Ends
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Magic Limited (Lloyd Jones) ~ Oakland, CA ~ 1982 ~ First Edition
Illustrated ~ 143pp ~ Out of Print
8.50" x 11.25" x 0.75" Large format 4to

Hardbound in blue publisher's cloth with gold foil stamped title to front cover and spine ~ No dust jacket as issued
Condition: Used: Unread and As New


Glenn G. Gravatt (1899-1984) was an interesting fellow.

Primarily known to magicians - magic lovers for his conjuring books and contributions to Genii magazine; he also wrote successful detective & mystery novels

As a London journalist in 1924, and, by his own admission, flat broke, he enlisted in the British army (Native Infantry), was posted to Lehej, Arabia and defended the surrounding villages from the fierce Subaihi tribesmen and stalled off organized expeditions from the warlike tribes of the Northeast!

The book is divided into eleven well illustrated sections dealing with: Tricks With Balls ~ Blocks and Cubes ~Cards ~ Coins ~ Feats of Divination ~ Dice and Dominoes ~ Mental Feats ~ Penetrations ~ Ropes & Strings ~Silks and Miscellaneous Effects

There's a wealth of great, original, material (tricks and routines) between these covers.
One of the true geniuses in magic, these creations by Glenn Gravatt will surely add some strong magic to your repertoire!

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No. of Pages 115
First Edition Yes
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Condition Mint
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor
Gravatt, Glenn G.

Glenn Gravatt became interested in magic as a child growing up in Kansas. At the age of 8 years he was already demonstrating magic for his friends and family. From Kansas, he went to California, where he worked as a newspaper reporter. He wrote " Encyclopedia of Self Working Card Tricks" (2 volumes, 1936 and 1937; later published under the byline of Jean Hugard under the title " Encyclopedia of Card Tricks." In writing the "Jap Box Tricks" in 1937, Gravatt effectively named this box for all time.

Invented: Extratour, Rope Appear, Visible Silk on Rope Appearance, Flying Silk and Ropes, Visible Rope and Ring Penetration, Rope-Silk-Bracelet Combination, Coat-Rope-Rings, No Clue Divination (1977),Five Cube Divination (1977), Psychic Spot (1976), Thimble Fantasy (1960), Card and Dagger (1956), Spooky Paper (1945), Multiple Match (1956), Magical Horse Race (1956), Percepo (1960), Close-up Cup Suspension (1958), The Antique Medallion, Color Ring Transpo, The Mystery of the Seven Veils, Super Penetration, Tube to Cigarettes, Color Riddle, 20th Century in Reverse, Ideal Solid Thru Solid, Dual Silk Production, Kondax (1921).
Compiled: Thayer Quality Magic Volumes 1-4 (1978-1981), Encyclopedia of Self-Working Card Tricks (1936-37)
Wrote: 50 Modern Card Tricks, 50 More Modern Card Tricks, Gold Mine of Magic, Jap Box Tricks (1937)