The Professional Touch
Monk Watson
Abbott's Magic Novelty Co (1945)
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Paperback B0007HGNO8
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Watson, Donald "Monk": The Professional Touch
©1945 Abbott Magic Company
64 Pages, Paperbound

Comment (From Abbott's Catalog 17): On the performance of magic, with some magic.

Monk Watson (1894- March 23, 1981) was born Donald W. Watson in Jackson, Michigan (From MagicPedia)

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Let's Have a Reason For It
2 Your Entrance
3 Tempo
4 Stage Fright
5 Can a Trick be Too Perfect?
6 Not What You Do
7 To Acknowledge Applause
8 Keep Your Salary Up
9 What Does It Get You to Expose

10 Trick Section:
11 Card Frame
12 50 Card Lift
13 Uncanny Block
14 Face to Face
15 A Quickie
16 The Birth of a New Trick
17 Behind Your Back
18 A Twist on Anti-Gravico
19 A Milky Mix-Up: invisible milk routine
20 The Lota Drink
21 Hand Rabbit: With Dell O'Dell's patter in rhyme

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