Don Alan's Rubber Circus
Alan, Don
Ireland Magic Co. (1966)
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Alan, Don: Don Alan's Rubber Circus
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Alan, Don
(1926 -1999 )
Born Don Alan Mcwethy. Many magicians refer to him as the "father of modern close-up magic." He did not invent the form, but popularized it through his many TV presentations. Alan had his own television show, “Don Alan's Magic Ranch”, which aired from 1961 to 1962. It lasted thirteen episodes and had guest appearances by many of the professional magicians of the time. Figures such as Al Flosso, Richard Himber, Neil Foster, Karrell Fox, Jay Marshall, Jack Gwynne, Johnny Platt, Clarke Crandall, George and Betty Johnstone, Jimmy Reneaux, Sam Berman, Chan and Ralph Pierce, and Vic Torsbergall appeared on his show. Don took an invention of Chop Chop (Al Wheatley) called the Chop Cup, cut it down in size, and that version is now known as the Don Alan Chop Cup. He performed it on the Ed Sullivan show and suddenly magicians everywhere wanted the cut-down Don Alan version of the Chop Cut.
Wrote: Pretty Sneaky (1956), Don Alan's Professional Presentation of the Chop Cup ,Close-Up Time
Media: Don Alan DVD (Volume 28 - Greater Magic Series), Magic Ranch Video Tapes (13 episodes from 1961)