Great Magicians in Great Moments - A Photo Album
Desfor, Irving
Lee Jacobs Productions (1983)
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Desfor, Irving: Great Magicians in Great Moments
©1983 Lee Jacobs Productions
Hardcover, 208 pages

Great Magicians in Great Moments

HardBound with DustJacket and 208pages.
Book measures approx. 8 3/4"x11 1/2"

Hardback with dust jacket.

Irving Desfor was famous photographer who specialized in magicians. This is a photo album of pictures Mr. Desfor took, mostly black and white, but some in color. All the great names of magic, and faces, are in here.

From the back of the DustJacket:

For almost half a century, Irving Desfor has captured the history of magic with his camera. His name is synonymous with the best in magical photography. Now you have the unique opportunity to gaze through his eyes and his lens at the unfolding of this history. Catch a glimpse at moments in time that are gone forever except in the memories of a few. Many of Desfor's photographs confirm the reality behind the myths of yesterday. Great moments in magic are yours to savor and enjoy forever.

You now have the opportunity to help preserve the history of the arts of photography and magic. Walk through time as Desfor reveals stories and insights seen by just a few, stories which accompany his famous photographs. Irving Desfor and Lee Jacobs have compiled an album of photographic magical memories with commentary. They have assured that these precious treasures will not be lost.

Stand with Desfor while he watches Dai Vernon perform the fabled Harlequin Act. Watch Okito at the very moment he produces a huge bowl of water from nowhere. See Nicola in an unguarded moment. Experience what Harry Blackstone, Jr. experienced in the photo above where Desfor gives him a guided tour of classic pictures of his famous father. Pass through time with Desfor and see the greats of magic you have only heard of as well as those you see every day on television. See them through the eyes of a man who has known them all. Preserve your magical heritage.

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Irving Desfor


Isidor Desfor
April 13, 1907
New York City


November 27, 1993 (age 86)
San Francisco

Irving "Doc" Desfor (1907-1993) was a photo-retoucher, art director, photo-writer and amateur magician.

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He was 15 years old when his first photograph was published. Desfor was a photographer with AP from 1929 until he retired in 1972. He continued as a freelance columnist for AP until 1979 when he moved to Florida. His wrote the nationally syndicated photo-columnist "Camera Angles" for 31 years.

Desfor was taught magic by Dr. Joseph Fries in 1931. He did his "Photo-Magic" act starting in 1948 in USA, Europe, and Singapore.

During World War II, Desfor performed with his son Donald as The Desfor Brothers [1]

He was famous for his photographs of magicians in action, beginning with Blackstone. His photos appeared in major magic journals for over fifty years.

He was President of SAM Parent Assembly #1 in 1964.

In 1978, he donated thousands of his photos to the American Museum of Magic. [2]

The December issue of Magic, carried a six-page feature story chronicling his life and times.

Academy of Magical Arts Special Fellowship (1983)
Magic Collectors' Weekend honoree (1983)
Milbourne Christopher award at the 1993 SAM convention in New Orleans

Great Magicians in Great Moments: A Photo Album (1983)

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