Scotch & Soda.... - Copper & Silver; Gin & Tonic 55 Tricks
Detmer, Julie
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Detmer, Julie: Scotch & Soda....
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booklet, 36 pages

Plus bonus sleights for the famous
and classic Scotch & Soda

This 30 page booklet is packed full of information and routines using either the Scotch and Soda or Dime and Penny. Included is useful information on the coin sets themselves, their care and maintenance. Also described are three easy palming methods for these outstanding magical props! Once the basics have been covered, 18 incredible routines are presented with detailed descriptions. Learn such incredible routines as: The Teetotaler Coin, Coin Flight, Instant Location, Rapid Transit, Invisible Flight and others! Don't limit yourself to the basic uses of these fabulous magical props. Use the ideas in this booklet to reach your full potential with these outstanding coin effects!
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