The StockHolder - A Portfolio Of Astonishing Business Card Magic
Wilson, Gregory
The Secret Source (1995)
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Wilson, Gregory: The Stockholder
A Portfolio of Astonishing Business Card Magic
©1995 The Secret Source
Produced by Gregory Wilson and Chris Smith
Softcover, spiral-bound, 72 pages

Comments: Book to accompany The Stockholder Wallet. The Stockholder is a "high class" method of presenting the Out to Lunch principle.


2 Contents
3 Introduction: What is the Stockholder?, What is the Out-To-Lunch Principle?, History, Features
4 Prerequisites: set-up, how to use the wallet. Includes the Weber One-Stack for using just one card in the wallet rather than a stack.
11 In Reverse (Gregory Wilson): Magician draws the word reverse truly reverses itself.
13 Vampire Test (Michael Close, Gregory Wilson): a signed drawing of the spectator grows teeth...
15 The Price is Right (Gregory Wilson): Your signed performance contract grows from $5 to $5,000
17 Rubbing it In (Michael Weber): the blank spot on your business card is rubbed and the phone number appears
20 A Sweet Deal (Gregory Wilson): A drawn sugar packet really produces sugar, and more!
23 Calling Card (Doug Wicks): a real quarter is produced from its image
26 Free Lunch (Jack McCandles, Gregory Wilson): magician exactly guesses the bill total
28 Multi-Colored Pen (Daryl): Pen writes in any color (originally found in the New York Magic Symposium Collection Five)
31 Blind Date (Gregory Wilson): Magician determines the date of a spectator's quarter in his pocket
34 Somewhat Illegal (Paul Harris): the mystery of the Driver's License Photo
37 Torn & Restored (Gregory Wilson): torn & restored business card using the wallet
42 Half Twist-ed (Jay Sankey): your business card is brutally twisted and ends up brutally printed
46 Freeway Close (David Gripenwaldt, Gregory Wilson): a spectator's squiggle is reproduced on another business card, but the squiggle is actually part of a map!
49 Flash Square (Roy Johnson): a Magic Square for the Out to Lunch principle
52 Mental Giant (Gregory Wilson): Greg's approach to Flash Square
55 Balancing Act (Chris Smith): a business card is balanced on the back of your hand, and the drawing of the spectator changes from boredom to excitement!
58 Starstruck (Gregory Wilson and David Gripenwaldt): the Starstruck magician entices the spectator to owe him $1,000!
60 Card-tood (Dan Harlan): your stick figure assistant (drawn on the business card) pulls a fast one on you, writing you out of the deal
62 Match Play (Simon Lovell): The business card develops a burn mark, and there is additional evidence to prove it!
65 Under the Influence (Gregory Wilson and David Gripenwaldt): a breath-alyzer test for your spectator
67 Stock Options: a list of "kick-starter" ideas not yet fully developed: Writing on the Wall, Time Flies, The Break-In, Add a Number, O.T.I. Option, Other Writing Mediums, Penny Stock Options
72 Back Words: final thoughts

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Book to accompany The Stockholder Wallet. The Stockholder is a "high class" method of presenting the Out to Lunch principle