The Encyclopedia Of Patter
Orben, Robert
Robert Orben (1946)
In Collection
USA  eng
Orben, Robert: The Encyclopedia of Patter
©1946 Robert Orben, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 40 pages

Comments: A book of comedy and patter for your magic show. Most of each section features a monologue of jokes around the subject of the heading.


2 Introduction
5 My Life of Magic or If I Had My Life to Live Over Again - I Wouldn't
7 My Life in the Post-School Era or Doesn't He Ever Stop?
8 My Impression of an Evening With a Push-Button Radio
10 The Saga of Daisy or I Go Out With Good Girls - I Can't Afford the Other Kind
11 Patter Routine for Clipper
14 She Was Only a Carnival Queen But She Sure Made a Lot of Concessions
15 Comedy Song Titles
15 Patter for the Returned Serviceman
18 Card FAn Production Finale
18 Burlesque or She Stripped for a Bare Existence
19 I Go In Search of Food or WHY?
20 MagicDotes: one-liners about magic
21 My Boss or My Buddy With the Fringe on the Top
22 A Crook's Tour of Hollywood
22 Patter For Female Magicians or Assistants
23 Income Tax or God's Gift to Government
24 Hangover Heaven
24 Crime Doesn't Pay - As Much as It Used To
25 Horse Sense or A Perilous Paper Tear: for torn and restored jumbo bill
27 My Life of Married Bliss or He Had a Wooden Leg But She Had a Cedar Chest
28 My Summer Vacation or Loose Living Takes Its Toll
29 My Day
30 What to Do When They Cry "Encore!"
31 Ideas: vent act
32 Openings: starting your act
33 Closings
34 Introductions: for the male entertainer, male vocalist, female vocalist
34 What To Do If a Trick Goes Wrong: one liners
35 Hecklers: retorts
36 The Children's Show Heckler: advice
37 Miscellaneous Patter
40 Poem

A Compilation Of Choice Comedy Material
Arranged In Complete Routines For
Convenient Use By The Discriminating
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No. of Pages 40
First Edition Yes
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Condition Very Fine
Owner Bryan-Keith Taylor