Keith Clark's Rope Royale
Braun, John
Silk King Studios (1974)
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Magic tricks
USA  eng
Clark, Keith & John Braun (editor): Rope Royale
©1942 Harold Rice, Silk King Studios, USA
Softcover, 5.5x8.5", 16 pages

Comments: A cut and restored rope effect with a gimmicked rope

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

i Foreword (Harold Rice)

1 Rope Royale
2 As the Spectator Sees It
3 The Rope to Use
4 Preparation
5 - To Prepare the Rope With Cement
6 - To Put on Caesar Rope Gimmicks
7 - Clean Cuts
8 Presentation
9 - Cutting the Rope
10 - Restoration
11 - Knots Reappear
12 - Knots Dissolve
13 - Samples
14 Patriotic Rope Royale
15 - To Prepare the Patriotic Rope

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Edition Third Printing
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Clark, Keith
Born Pierre Feyss Cartier in France, he became famous as a cigarette manipulator. He was the author of Encyclopedia of Cigarette Magic(1937), Celebrated Cigarettes, Rope Royale (1942). Many of his magic inventions have something to do with ropes and silks and will be found in Stewart James' Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks and Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic.