Trickery Treats - Card Craft Continued
Hartman, J.K.
Kaufman and Company (1999)
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Card Tricks - Magic, Magic tricks
USA  eng
Hartman, Jerry K.: Trickery Treats, Card Craft Continued
©1999 Kaufman and Company
Hardcover, 239 pages

Comments: From the Introduction, "This book is a sequel to Card Craft Collected Trickery 1991, and After Kraft More Card Trickery 1995... The book comprises 60 separate items (not including extensions and variations Incorporated in the text)."

Contents (numbers are not page numbers until Ch5):

ii Introduction
ii Sleights and References

1 Chapter 1 Swap Exchange
2 Placing Faces
3 Spot Swap
4 Trance-Posed
5 Transliteration
6 Triple Cross

7 Chapter 2 Four Scores
8 Hafs and Haf-Nots
9 Hands Hoff
10 Outside In
11 It's Catching
12 Nothing Succeeds Like Succession
13 Four for Four
14 Through Ways
15 Add-Out

16 Chapter 3 Guiles and Deals
17 Middle Diddle
18 Stacker Shock
19 All Hands on Deck

20 Chapter 4 Mixed Tricks
21 Two Placed
22 Key for Two
23 Ribbon Cutting
24 Backmarked
25 Closet Revolutionary
26 Cheek Turner II
27 Comeback
28 Faire Play
29 Through and Through
30 Reflexions
31 Appairances
32 Shifting Sandwich
33 Show and Spell
34 Touch Fooly

130 Chapter 5 Short Suite
130 Stuck Up
133 Fast Faced
135 Fast Turnaround
137 Up-here
138 Whipswitch
141 Unsnapped Color Change
143 What's Mine is Yours
145 Pair Trade
146 Force Four
148 Pair Push
150 Double Cross Cut Force

154 Chapter 6 The Witchcraft of Discoveries
154 Tourist Trap
156 Rise Guise
158 Mass Buriol

171 Chapter 7 Mind Readings
171 Mind Store
176 Feinting Spell
180 Signing Power
185 The Odd Couple
187 Mixed Match
190 Think in Synch II

198 Chapter 8 Future Shockers
198 Bi-Geminy!
200 Shades of Gemini
203 Search and Decoy
208 Fore-Spelling
210 Fore-Spelling
210 Show Stopper III
212 Pair Faced
213 A Process of Elimination

225 Chapter 9 Gaffed Craft
225 Cool Fusion
227 Taking Turns
231 Drawing Card
234 Cutting Corners

Almost 10 years ago, J.K. Harman's momentous classic Card Craft was published. It was the largest book ever devoted solely to card magic. Its sequel, After Craft, was published to great acclaim in 1995. But the best of them all is Trickery Treats, the latest 240-page oversized hardcover full of miraculous card magic which is “Card Craft Continued”. There are over 61 tricks, new classic items, illustrated with over 650 drawings by well-known artist Joseph K. Schmidt. The highlight is "A Process of Elimination," the ultimate in equivoque: it brings you from 52 possibilities down to one card with absolutely no skill. It is completely automatic and you don't even handle the cards. A separately-printed gimmicked script comes with each copy of Trickery Treats. 240 pages. Hardbound.

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